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New Download Link

I updated the DL link, since I've become aware that the old ones were no longer working. To anyone who still wants to play (and thanks to random Russian people uploading my game without my permission), the link is once again functional.



So mainly because of my own boredom, I'm thinking of writing a complete walkthrough for Rhukaat: Broken Chain Plus. Still on the fence about it... oh well. We'll see!



Rhukaat II - go play it!

Since a demo for Rhukaat II is now available, I will no longer be updating Rhukaat: Broken Chain. Thus, you can get Rhukaat II here: http://www.rpgmaker.net/games/1169

Happy RM-ing!



RTP-Included version on its way

Hey everyone -

I felt like it was a bit unfair to put up only a No-RTP version for download for the updated version of the game, so I added an RTP Included version which, for some reason, is smaller in size. Go figure.

The RTP Included version should be available for download within a couple of days. Happy RMing!


Bug-free update!

Good news, all -

I fixed the bugs from the previous version of the game, and addressed some minor balance issues. The new version should be available for download soon, but it will only be available in No-RTP format. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



Downloads temporarily removed...

I took the downloads for the game down (don't worry, only temporarily) while I look into a few reported bugs. I'll repost them once I get everything sorted out.



No-RTP version added...

Added a No-RTP version of the game to the downloads section today to accommodate those who may need it. The filesize is significantly reduced. Enjoy!


A couple of things...

First off, thanks to everyone who downloaded/will download R:BCP because it's my first game, and it means a lot. I hope you're enjoying it, and I'm looking forward to seeing some reviews soon.

Second, I want to just let everyone know that a sequel is very much in development. Currently, I'm finishing up some databasing and scripting, so it shouldn't be long before I get to work on the actual game. Expect to see a demo sometime over the summer.

That's all. Thanks again!

- Shaboba
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