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You are the head of a small band of mercenaries. After a period of war between the Kingdom of Gratlynn and the City-State of Hannesburg ended five years ago with a truce in favor of the City-State, work has been hard to find. Your once powerful and capable band of sellswords has diminished into a paltry group of lost souls. Peace, it seems, is bad for business.

However, that all changes when a messenger from the Kingdom of Gratlynn approaches you with an offer: clear a nearby abandoned fortress of the bandits that have taken root there, and they'll pay you handsomely. Of course, things are rarely so easy, and it's not long before you and your mercenaries find yourselves embroiled in a new war.

Recruit a diverse and large group of characters, some optional, others not, build your castle into a true fortress, fight large-scale battles, and duel enemies one-on-one as you forge your destiny amidst a war that will change the fate of nations.

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