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This is a short game made for the 48 Hour Owl Game Event. It has an emphasis on stealth, no random encounters, and Legends of Perren in-jokes. It is related to the main Silver Owl Platoon game, which should be released in a month or two. This is a side story to it.


From high in the sky comes the protectors of Perren! The Silver Owl Platoon! Together with their allies from across they planet they fight evil and bring peace to the common humanoid! Continuing on from Season 8 is the Apocalypse Owl story arc, filled with danger, intrigue, and action! Tune in to your local Perren Channel 4 affiliate and catch it every Friday at 3PM!


Bubo- Commander of the Silver Owl Platoon. He is the hero that Perren needs in this troubled time. An expert in many forms of combat, Bubo is also a veteran of the Great Bird War. Likes to play egg catch and eatting sundaes. Bubo has been a staple character from Episode 1 and remains the most popular character on the show.

Scandia- An old rival of Commander Bubo and a reformed villain. Scandia has chosen to dedicate his life to saving Perren from evil by any means necessary. Clever viewers will recognize his voice change from Season 3 Episode 6 where his original voice actor lost his voice in a horrible pixie collision accident.

Curo- An integral part of the team, she assists them from deep in their secret base. Utilizing the latest in cutting edge technology she can send the team information and supplies anywhere. Unless the badguys have teleportation dampening fields or hack the special satellites that are required for long range effectiveness. Curo’s father is voiced by the voice actresses actual father, the Lord Hemmingsworth III, esq. himself.

Mad Scientist- The villain of the current story arc, his methods and goals are unknown to the heroes. What is known is he is a threat to Perren and must be elminated!

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