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A Game About Feeding the Owlets

My playtime: 26 minutes.

Feeding of the Owlets is a game where you "catch" food for your owlets and avoid the obstacles along the way.

The graphics are okay although sometimes i think that the obstacles don't really match the backgrounds. It's not really a big deal though given the nature of the game.

The game
As i said before, the game is about catching rats and/or bugs by touching them and avoiding touching the obstacles along the way. The screen will move to the right automatically and you can press up, left, and right to move your character. You also can't control your way down because you will also automatically fall if you don't press the up button.

The game has 5 levels in total. You will be given 4 healths and you'll respawn on the same level you died on if you die. The game difficulty will increase per level and i think that the first 2 levels are quite boring while the last one is pretty challenging. There is also a cutscene of the owl going to his nest to feed the owlets after you finish the stage. However, this cutscene is taking too long since the nest is very far from the direction the owl came from. After you finish all levels, there will be a congratulations screen and you can't do anything except by closing the game.

- 5 levels

- The animation when the bird is flying to the owlets is taking too long

It's a nice game to play although it might be a bit boring at first.


Typo: Congratualtions should be "Congratulations".

- If you don't get any food for the owlets, the game will show a game over screen but you still can continue the next stage.


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Again I would have been happy with 2 stars :P

Just in case you didn't know this game was made for the 48 owl game make event
and one of the conditions was that the game was at least 10 minutes long but if you manage to storm the game without losing a life it was just under 10 minutes so I stretched out the cutscene of feeding the owlets to make it reach 10 minutes(Yes it was a very cheap tactic :P )
I believe I had to add an extra level in the end anyway so I probably didn't need the stretching anymore(I cant remember very well as I did a lot during the final hours and uploaded it with very little time left)

Ha thanks for catching the Typo
And I was not aware of that Bug
It was my intention to do a little more work on this game after the event but I never got around to it, when I do I will fix those issues you mentioned.
Thanks for the playthrough :D
Ah, i didn't know about that. You might need to make the cutscenes more attractive if you want to stretch the time, but it might be too consuming to do it within the time limit so i totally understand. Adding an extra level is also a nice idea though.

Well, it's not really a critical issue after all so take your time. I know that fixing these stuffs take requires a lot of time and motivation.
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