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v Open Pesterlog v

--lavenderSiren [LS] is pestering eternalFugitive [EF] at 1:50 am --

LS: Hey Thoren!
EF: ...what is it? Is something the matter?
LS: Far from it! Our game won a misao! Best owl game!
EF: it did?
EF: Wait, what's a Misao

LS: Some kinda game awards thing on the website I posted our game to.
EF: I see. Do we get a trophy?
LS: Probably not, It's just a thing on a website after all.
EF: Not even a trip to an award show?
LS: I doubt it.
EF: Then what do we get of this?
LS: Fame and extra exposure I guess?
EF: All of a sudden I am feeling somewhat nervous.
EF: That was a rather intimate moment in my personal development chronicled through that game, after all.

LS: Hey, it's not like we're gonna get hit by an angry mob or something, right?
EF: I can only hope we are safe from such wrath.
LS: Oh yeah, before I close this chat window, did you ever get Raine the big meatball?
EF: I got her a moderately sized meatball. Covered in melted cheese, of course.
LS: Nice.
LS: Anyways, I better let you get back to wall-charging or brooding on the ceiling or whatever
LS: Goodnight!
EF: Goodnight, Nick.
EF: Also, it's the roof, not the ceiling.

--lavenderSiren [LS] ceased pestering eternalFugitive [EF] at 2:06 am--


Thank you all for voting for this game in the misaos! This is the first Misao I've ever gotten (to my knowledge) and it feels great even just getting this one.
Here's to another year of gammak!
(Make sure to check out my other games too!)