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"With the power of imagination, everything is possible.
Let's go to our dreams!
Paradise, Jungle, Horror places, Magical places, everywhere we can go!
Roleplay club is not just an another club. It's an adventure!
An adventure full of TWISTS."

IMAGINE is a fantasy, school-themed game. The game tells the story of the Roleplay Club lead by a girl named Imagi. Her dream is to perform on the stage in the end of the year. However, the others also have story of their own. Therefore, they decided to express themselves through role playing while Imagi takes the advantage of turning those ideas into the best performance!

The main protagonist of the game.
Personality: Naive
Class: 1st Year
The president of Roleplay Club.
Personality: Childish but Mature
Class: 2nd Year
That smart senior, but also dumb?
Personality: Confident, Clumsy
Class: 3rd Year
The class president that study all the time for perfection.
Personality: Grumpy, Responsible
Class: 1st Year
The mischievous girl at the classroom next door.
Personality: Manipulative, Kind-hearted
Class: 1st Year

Story and Ideas:

Enterbrain,Busted ED,Chadzter,whtdragon,smhaaokir

Music and Sounds:
Enterbrain,Aaron Krogh,Osabisi

Victor,Khas,Galv,Neon Black,Estriole,Hudell,Mobychan,Bird Eater,Hime,Ventwig,Acezon,Moghunter,Splendith

Latest Blog

Your character in my game?!

Do you like 'IMAGINE: Roleplay Club'?
Want to contribute to the game???
You want to see unique characters? And your character specifically?

Well, it doesn't matter if you like this game or not,
You might want to visit here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/your-character-in-my-game.116942/

Thank you!
- Kirri


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In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Saw this on RPG Maker Web, was interested, will give it a shot in the near future. :D
Saw this on RPG Maker Web, was interested, will give it a shot in the near future. :D

Thank you! ^^
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