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The next chapter of "The Nova Bloodline" universe. "Graves of Delirium" takes place 220 Years after the events of the previous game. The player will take on the role of April Summers the newest recruit of a mysterious organization known as the Akasha Records, to investigate a series of strange events, occurring in the mega city of Pralia.

She soon joins up with the level headed, Dukada Engineer Gino and the loud mouthed Spawn Zeke. Together this unlikely trio decides to work together to solve April's case.


Story & Challenge Mode: Two different game modes are available at the start of a new game. Story Mode will allow the player to customize the difficulty of the game so that they can follow the narrative without a problem. Challenge Mode on the other hand will be (as the name implies) harder and will require the player to stay focused in each battle.

Day-System: Different events and encounters occur on each of the seven (in-game) days.

Mercenaries: Hire men and women with special combat skills to help you out on your quest.

Bulletin Board: Read up on what the townsfolk are up to, or help them with minor tasks.

Dynamic Levels: Neither you or your enemies are locked to a set level. Enemies might level up or even transform into stronger version mid-fight. Or absorb your souls (EXP) to make themselves more powerful.

The Soul Grid: Learn new skills with the power of souls. Choose one by one which new skill pools should become available to your party members.

Item Synthesis: Combine your Equipment with other items to forge stronger versions of themselves.

The Sewers: Explore the massive side-dungeon which reveals more of its depth as the story continues.

Unlockable Characters: Meet and befriend a handful of optional characters that can join your party.

Customize: Unlock Outfits and Window-skins, to play the game the way you want.

Trophies: Earn up to 45 Achievements.

A demo is available (fair warning tho its a year old, so a bit oudated.)

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Awesome job getting your game uploaded here. Can't wait to play it :) Your work is always amazing keep up the good work my friend.
Subbed :) Can't wait to play it!!
Beautiful looking maps! Looking forward to playing
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