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This game is about a young boy called Aiden who had a dream about the forces of darkness rising up to dominate reality, only for him to find out that it wasn't a dream and is destined to happen again. So Aiden journeys out into the world with the help of his friend Rick in order to find a way to stop it from happening again. TRAILER [youtube]https://youtu.be/FEM3TUWof4U[/youtube] SYNOPSIS PLOT Aiden wakes up from a horrible dream where he saw a visual Chronicle of the rise and fall of Daraka. Soon after, his village is attacked by heinous and horrific monsters and everyone is taken away but he managed to escape. Now he must travel the land and find a way to save his village and the rest of the world. CHARACTERS AIDEN https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?attachments/aiden-upload-png.130358/ Aiden is a young determined boy who dreams of becoming a Knight but no one is willing to train him. After his village was invaded he travels the land to find Muzab Capital where he can deliver a letter sent by the chief of his village to the King. RICK https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?attachments/rick-upload-png.130359/ Rick is a friend of Aiden who joins him on his journey just for fun and sometimes gets himself into trouble. Rick is an orphan who has been led into being a mischievous character. SCENES MUZAB VILLAGE This is the home village of Aiden, who lives with his elder sister who has a power crystal journal that she gave to Aidan just before she was taken by monsters during the invasion. Now Aiden must fight to find and rescue her. RUSTER VILLAGE Ruster village has been attacked for years by a mysterious ancient beast called Omashta who comes once a year to feast on the villagers but no one can do anything and the village is too far and treacherous for the villagers to leave. [url=https://jimaginestudio.itch.io/legends-the-first-prophecy-part-1]itch.io page[/url]

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Pages: 1
Won't download from the link.
Legends The First prophecy is now ready for download, the link has been repaired.
Started playing your game.
Lots of spelling and punctuation errors.
Apostrophised plurals.
Sentences starting with lower case letters.
Scrolling text could be slowed down some.
Just observations, not complaints.
Knight Skill has no description in the window.
Light Arrows has no description in the window.
The quest says i must find 10 mushrooms but the elder requires 20
I cannot fins ANYWHERE the 20th mushrooms
How do you move the boulders
The chief will tell you how to push boulders but until you complete all his quest.
The last mushroom is not located behind the boulder
But there are 4 mushrooms in the town and 16 in route 10.
The chief tells me to retrieve a scroll. I need to tell my sister what happened (the Orc)before I can leave. All she does is heal me and I can't leave??

Lady in Pentatin tells you to take boat to Cave. Won't pass. Says can't go there now.
Half of the.floor in the weapon shop in impassable.. Can't get to the merchant to buy anything.
Well I tried playing this!
dont know how to solve the colores puzzle (rainbow? help please.

where are enter and direction keys on the standard key. In what order must i press them?

manay many thanks
Follow the colors of the rainbow - red orange yellow green blue indigo
Help pls
How do i leave the palace and arrive to the dark ruins?

Thanks a lot
More help
Sorry I am 77 with reumatoid arthritis. In the test of speed I cannot be fast enough how do I pass it . Many thenks. love the game
Hi everyone we're so sorry for not being active for the past few years because of personal reasons and also for not replying to your messages but we would like to inform you that we will continue with the game and also attend to some of the bug fixes in the part 1 and also continue with the part 2 sorry again and Thanks for playing!!
We will get back to you with the help you wanted shortly.
We decided on fixing all the spelling errors and locations of places you had trouble with in the new update of legends the first prophecy, but we are still working on the description of items and attacks. Tnxs
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