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Platformer game that is pretty long (32 levels in all), horribly hard and a plenty of fun overall. Try to get a big total score to unlock the KICKASS level at the end. Extremely buggy.

Old game of mine, finished in early 2004, and was the first (and only) game I ever completed. Main theme song was made by me, all other music by Erave. The visuals are horrible! But its almost all original material though (exceptions are the cloudy background and one of the explosion animations)

I should have rearranged the levels differently: all the fun levels are at the very end, (notably a level where you ride a cart through a tunnel, and another where you fly above a forest...) and a part of the game has two slow, frustrating water levels almost one after the other. But I lost the games source code, so unfortunately, I cant work on it any further.

As a final note, this game is really too damn hard. Of the thousands of people who downloaded it, I heard of only three that got to and beat the final boss, and only two found the super secret level and beat it. Please don't destroy a part of your home out of frustration when youll die in the game, remember you've got infinite lives!

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This game is officially part of RMN SNEWS #6's Play Something! installment. Theme: Platformers. Congrats! (More people play this now!)

...unless the download isn't working.
Definitely not working for me! It just takes you to Gaming World's main page. Can somebody offer up a quick fix?
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