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Great Platformer Fun!

  • Erave
  • 07/13/2007 01:09 AM
This game has a soft spot in my heart because Psycho and I were good chums back in the old days of GW and I wrote some tunes for his game. With that said, on to the review!

The story is simple and hilarious. Sluggy is vegging out watching some TV when suddenly he has to sneeze. But oh no, he has no tissues. Sluggy is now on an adventure to buy some tissues... but it's going to take getting through forests, castles, lava lands and more to get that fabled tissue! Simple and effective. Perfect for a platformer..

The gameplay is fun and creative but VERY hard. This game is VERY VERY difficult and takes lots of patience to play. I wish this game was made a bit easier, but I persisted through and got pretty far. Psycho comes out with some neato platformer ideas such as tiles that dissolve like a fuse, bouncy springs, floating "poopers", and other crazy antics. Like said before the game is difficult, but the controls are good and easy to catch on and the levels are for the most part FUN.

I can't really judge this fairly as 90% of the soundtrack is mine. But looking back it's good to see how I've improved. The music is lighthearted and simple, and works for this game. I just wish I had composed more because some of the overworld tunes seem out of place in the LAVA areas.

Colorfully and custom. Very nice here.

4.5/5 Stars.

A really solid game that is complete! Go psycho!