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About An Assassins Odyssey - The epic of the dark scrolls

Everybody wants to be a hero, but some heroes are simple beings, they are equivalent to a gear in a machine. They require no recognition, no rewards and no fame. This epic story follows this type of hero. For he is an assassin in the darkness, the light in the shadows and the guardian of the world! Everybody knows of his existence, but only a select few know his true name. His name is not important, what is important is the fact that he always wanted to be an assassin, worthy of the title "Hero"!

Play as an unnamed assassin as he tries to prevent a great evil from being awakened, but ultimately fails. The only way for him to correct this mistake is to go back in time, to the point in time in which the gears of the akashic records started to turn for the worse! After going back in time the assassin realizes that he is significantly weakened and is no longer capable of changing the gears of the akashic records, and must once again assemble a team to help him fight against the never ending turning of the gears of fate. So now I welcome you, the player, for you are about to embark on an epic odyssey to correct the future, to help save the future from a great evil! Along the way he will recruit additional members to his party, but this time he will not make a mistake that will cost them their lives!

The game so far

So far the game has about 5-7 hours of game play (4-6 without the side quests) and covers two of six kingdoms on the Mesopotamian continent (Kuru & Zetsubou Kingdoms). Welcome to the first part of an epic odyssey, welcome to an assassins odyssey!


- The focus of the game is mostly to explore and adventure. The character
interactions, atmosphere, and story serve as the engine for the experience!
- An updated battle system by Moghunter!(With new graphics custom made by me)
- Widescreen (1280x720)
- Explore the Mesopotamian continent!
- Fun and original characters!
- Vampires!
- Custom characters from various artist on DeviantArt.
- Custom graphics.
- Likable characters.
- A Character & Plot driven game.
- Help your gunman learn new magical skills with a mini game!
- Side quests for additional bonuses!

Latest Blog

Almost done!

Hey everyone!
So I'm basically done with the game and am just doing some final adjustments (Mainly with the story plot) and will be doing the final release on October 13th! I hope everyone looks forward to what will happen with the unnamed assassin. I also want to get some bugs fixed with the battle screen as that is currently my main focus right now.
I also changed the "unknown" name to "???" instead since making the main assassins name Unknown was a bit misleading, I can't believe I let such a glaring mistake go on for so long!


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Sorry about that, the entrance to the volcano is in the Achse forest. It's the first forest after leaving the Kuru kingdom. The entrance should be in the 2nd area on the right side
yes, i found the volcano, but the thief is nowhere to be found. perhaps he's supposed to be in the forest next to the volcano, but i can't seem to enter it. my save file is ruined after i entered the snowy town anyway (since it's still unfinished and you can't exit the town), so it's okay.

Hi, I went back and checked to see if I could find out where the thief was and finally remembered where he was hiding. If you still want to battle him, he's found in the 2nd witches house which is in the "Dark Forest" on the way to the abandoned school.
In SW Kuru the door of the swestenr hous is closed (2nd quest in pub)
In SW Kuru the door of the swestenr hous is closed (2nd quest in pub)

Thanks for letting me know. I'll check to see if this is a bug.
I'm looking forward to playing the complete version of this game. Hopefully, "almost done" will change into "done" soon.
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