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Where It All Began

  • manpaint
  • 03/01/2020 02:05 PM

Today, I will tell you were it all began. Where the inspiration came from. First off, I was a big RuneScape player. I began playing in 2009 but only really got into it after coming back in 2014 (so during its third iteration RuneScape 3). My favorite part of the game was the quests and atmosphere. That being said, I think the game is very limited with what it can do, mainly because it is a 15+ year old game that was made with limited technology. Being an introvert with a lot of time to think, I started creating my own world. The biggest inspiration however was the music video of Adrian von Ziegler and Derek & Brandon Fiechter. These highly atmospheric pieces of music inspired me to create the world of Dymunia. I will go in detail about the creation of specific places in latter DevBlog.