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Join Harold as he finds friends (or goes solo) on his quest to become the Snowball Fight Champion! First he will have to pass a test and deal with a mean teacher who wants to give him detention - or his quest will be over before it even begins!

He will face fellow classmates before journeying to other areas in the most Epic Snowball Tournament ever!! There are many unique opponents... can you find them all?

Features an unique battle system where you must make snowballs to throw. Keep an eye on your snowball stash, or you could run out at a crucial time! Manage your equipment; do you want stronger equipment with better stats, or warm clothing to protect from the cold?

Plugins from Yanfly and SumRandomDude
Art from Thalzon's resources and Kadokawa Corp

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Thank you for Liberty for trying my game! Sorry you didn't have much fun with it. Regardless, watching your walkthrough and the comments help me improve it and get better at game making in general.

Thank you to Rasalhage for the suggestion of adding a difficulty level prompt. All humanoid enemies now show a difficulty when you talk to them, but you can still be surprised my other enemies you find (bunnies, snowmen, trees, etc). Also, you now fully heal when entering town.
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  • meteomage
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  • 01/12/2020 09:25 PM
  • 07/05/2023 03:10 AM
  • 02/02/2020
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Just watched Liberty's walkthrough of this game. Here are some hints if you need:
After winning 3 battles, Bruce will join you (the one who says you are not good enough). Each area except the elite area should have at least 1 weak opponent.

the quiz:
You can cheat as long as the teacher isn't looking. Getting at least 4/5 and finding all the power crystals will let Lucy join you. Getting 5/5 will give you a few bonus gems.

-Try to save up $500 to get the other girl to join you. Beating the 2 Juniors at the beginning and exploring to find all the hidden gold should give you enough.

-You will be healed after every non-random battle, and the only place with random battles is Frost Mountain.
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