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A Game About Snowball Fight

My playtime: 04:01:53
Note that there are two folders in the downloaded file that has the same game. I'll review the one in 'Snowball Fight' folder.

Harold's Epic Snowball Fight! is a game where you're having a snowball fight against different beings. There are also 5 math quizzes at the start of the game.

There are 5 different areas in the game. I think all of them are decent except for Elite Land because it looks empty. There is also this vine in the middle of Ice Mountains that leads to nowhere. Lastly, Power Core item is kinda hard to see on the ground because of the white, snowy ground.

The game
The game starts by giving you 5 math quizzes that you have to solve. You can also cheat the quiz although i'm not sure what will happen if you do that. After the quiz ends, you can choose one out of two party member to fight with you. You'll be able to recruit more people after you fit certain requirements although i got one of them (Lucy) pretty late in the game that her level becomes too low compared to the others.

There are 31+1 unique battles in the game (one of the goblins has different party composition if you fight them twice), some are not available at the start of the game although you'll still meet difficult enemies that you can't handle in early game. There are also some enemies that you can fight more than once. Fighting the same enemies multiple times aren't really rewarding unless if you're aiming for full heals that are granted right after the battle though since the EXP and gold reward is so little.

The game mainly doesn't have random encounters and you'll be automatically healed right after battle except for one area (Ice Mountain).

Most battles usually ends after you win although there are some battles where you need to win 3 battles consecutively.

You'll get your main source of income by winning against an enemy for the first time. You'll get a lot of gold, EXP, and sometimes an equipment to help you fight other opponents.

The battle in this game is quite unique; you must make a snowball in order to attack. The skills in this game also requires snowball to execute in addition to some TP, which can be obtained by guarding or taking attack. While most skills only require one snowball to use, there are some skills that require more than one. There are also some support skills that don't require any snowballs at all; some requires TP to cast, some requires MP, and some don't cost anything.

Since you'll mostly use your skill to fight, the game becomes an endless loop of guarding and making snowballs to the easier enemies. This makes the battle to be boring and repetitive that i couldn't stand to play it unless i multitask it with other things.

There are some formidable enemies in the game. You need to adjust your strategy to beat these enemies. There are enemies that can OHKO you when you're not defending at the right time (Ice Golem), perma freeze you if you don't equip a warmer clothes (Ice Golem and Fairy), and an enemy that requires you to deal a lot of damage in one turn because she has a very high regeneration rate (Sucubus).

However, i find that there are some enemies that are ridiculous. The Ghost, for example, can cast perma death skill in 3 turns with its Death Ball attack that never misses. Some battles are difficult to finish in just 3 turns because of the making snowball and amassing TP mechanics. Actually, there is a revive skill in the game, but it's not quite effective since it costs a lot of MP and your character's base MP isn't that high. The revive skill also revives you to around 25% HP and if you want to heal that party member, the only healing skill in this game can only heal around 10% of your HP even though it costs a lot of MP and TP. I ended up saving and reloading the game a lot just to make sure they don't cast Death Ball in the first two turns.

The fight with Sucubus also needs a lot of luck because i don't know when she'll cast her 666 skill. There was an occasion where she casts that same skill twice that wiped out my party afterwards.

The last boss is also formidable; you can't beat her without items. The boss deals a huge damage and attack twice per turn, not to mention that those attack has a high chance to freeze and perma freeze your party if you don't wear enough warm clothes. I end up buying and using almost all items that i can buy in order to beat her.

The difficult battles might make you frustated over and over and you might reload the game a lot, but i feel a bit of satisfaction after i beat it and i feel that the boss is kinda fair after i think that you need a different strategy to beat them (except the ones that rely on luck and the last boss, of course).

Since you'll have a snowball fight, you'll shiver and freeze a lot. Shivering will reduce your status slightly while freezing will make you lose some turns. This can be prevented by using warm clothes that are sold in the shop, although there are some non warm clothes that have better stats.

There are also item shops where you can buy some healing items. You can only have limited items in your bag but i believe they are enough to finish the fight. There are also permanent stat enhancer shop although i don't find it to be useful since your gold is limited and the stat isn't increasing that much.

Lastly, the ending is kinda disappointing for such a difficult fight.

- 31+1 unique battles
- Up to 5 party members
- Need different strategy to beat bosses

- Some fights are luck based
- A bit repetitive and boring in non boss fight
- Heal All isn't very effective

This is a game where you fight a lot of bosses. Some requires you to adjust your strategy to win.

- When you decline the battle offer from Natasha, the portrait will change to Junior.

- Rage description: "Next turn is gauranteed to be a critical" should be "Next turn is guaranteed to be critical."
- After you defeated all enemies, the crystal will say that i've won 31 out of 30 Unique battles.
- Sucubus should be Succubus, unless if you're making a typo on purpose.
- The town signpost for the exit is written as Frost Mountain even though it's written as Ice Mountain after you move to the area.


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Thanks for playing and reviewing another one of my games! I was going for a challenging game, but sometimes there's a fine line between challenging and frustrating. I am glad that you got some satisfaction from beating at least some of the battles.
Well, you're right. Some people have different taste for challenging fights too so it's kinda hard to satisfy everyone. Anyway, thanks for making the game!
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