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Tarok. The Eastern Marches, if you prefer. A rugged land, at the edge of the empire. The dry season is no place for horse and wagon. But Julos is always hungry for resources, and You are short of funds. Beneath a blazing sun, You and your camel can work this land for slim profits and heavy labor.

Look out for opportunities. You need that money before the rains come.

That's what the photocopied sheet said about the cart you found in Alex's things. The grey plastic handheld is a battered Malaysian clone of a Chinese knockoff of a Japanese game console. That's somehow appropriate for Alex, but also incongruous to have been stored so carefully.

Peddler is a small game for a Gameboy clone that never was. Start a new game, or continue from Alex's save state.

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In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Can't help but feel there's more to this game-in-a-game than meets the eye, given the nature of Alex's note and existing save-state. Am intrigued, as I'm guessing it'll already have a pre-saved file when released. Am fascinated and apprehensive of what secrets may lie beneath the surface...
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
This looks amazing and I hope it plays just as well!
I love how it looks. I wanna play it. Make it.
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