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Autumn arrives. Tree leaves fall, menacing your beloved with DEATH. Fortunately,
while leaves beat Rock, Scissors beat leaves.

There isn't much to be said about the project itself: in a Tetris-like screen,
you maneuver a pair of scissors, and hit falling leaves, so that they don't fall on the rock below.
The difficulty increases with your score, the sun sets, the music gets eerie, etc.

The interesting part, is that there are gonna be two versions.
This gamepage is mostly about differentiating the two.


VX Ace version
This version is made for a seasonal event, with an unmodified RPG Maker VX Ace. As such, the gameplay is tile-based, and it is played with a keyboard/controller.
Obviously, it'll be available first, and features a few seconds of visual novel, for flavor.

M²T version
This version is made from scratch by one of my brothers. Its physics are improved, and the movement is freely controlled with the mouse.
This one is in possibly long term development. We might expand on it, further from the meme value and into proper gameplay. It'll also have a highscore board.

The games have different physics, as well as different difficulty scaling. The scores between the two won't be comparable, and I'll probably make a different BGM for each.

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This is adorable and the rock is my friend.
You're in the perfect spirit for this. I commend you.
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