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A submission for the 2019 Seasons III event.

A destiny you can't escape. A call you can't resist.
The darkness beckons and time has come to take it offering.
A fate written in the blackest of inks, in the coldest of night.
In the blod of the sun.

At the heavens' earthly throne, at the season of its power, it will meet its end.
And your hunger will finally be sated
Welcome to the Summer Isles.
(Don't let the bugs bite you)


  • Bat protagonist

  • Equip-based skill system

  • 3 different dungeons

  • The sun as a edible

  • Minimal required grinding (but you can if you want to)

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  • 12xeV
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 01/21/2020 05:54 PM
  • 10/29/2021 04:17 PM
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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Well, I hit buttons until the elf died, found the map in my menu, went to a volcano(?), and died to a bunch of butterflies. so that was cool
Thanks you for playing and trying out the game :)
I guess I made the butterflies to OP?

I kept dying but kept trying, everything does feel a little OP, no matter what skill I used.

I was able to figure out how to drain HP from an enemy, that worked best against the bugs but I still got a game over. Everything else = nearly instant game over. But I was already on low HP when I tried different skills, still, I can't beat through the game at the moment, it's just some balance issues.

Maybe increasing the bat's stats a little more wills sort that out?

Interesting concept though, and I liked how you handled it, just a lot of balance issues right now, at the time of writing this.
Thanks you for playing :)
I realized the balance issues a bit too late...
Do you think boosting HP or defenses would help more?
It's... not very well balanced. Note to keep in mind when making a game - you know all the cool shit and how it all works, the optimal strategy and such for taking enemies down. If it's a little difficult for you it's going to be murder on your players, so make it a little easy for you and it might be a bit of a challenge for players.

I'd say perhaps lower some enemy defences, add a bit more HP to bat and perhaps lower some of the enemy attacks.

What season was this supposed to represent, btw?
Thanks for the criticisms, I will keep that in mind :)
The season was summer.
Thank you for trying out the game!
It was pretty good once I got the hang of it. The first boss I fought is quite hard/luck-based (after the elf, I chose to go the left dungeon based on it being easier from my experience among the 3 locations, so I am talking about that one), yet the last one is a bit easier in comparison. The second one was perhaps the easiest one. And the 3rd one was challenging.
Advice: The first few fights are best fought after getting a relic; the first of which in my experience was the one I found in the left dungeon of course. If you don't know, they are indicated by sparkles, until the last location (where the sparkles seem to serve a different purpose, something which is required to proceed through. I am talking about the one which opens up in the first forest area after you clear the rest of the areas' bosses.) And it gets easier once you gain a couple levels, not only because of the stat increase but also gaining an OP skill from one of the Songs. I liked the difficulty personally, though I'd recommend making some boss fights less luck-based. The first one especially, and the last one in its 3rd phase would be the ones I'm talking about.
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