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- Introduction -

It has been five years since the release of Karma Flow - The Prototype. Quite a long time, uh?

Since then lots of things happened. I mean sure, in general, but especially concerning Karma Flow. I've started developing the second game, Steel Skin, in 2017, some time after the release of the English version of The Prototype.

As development progressed, there were stuff that bothered me regarding the screenwriting and the cutscenes of the game. Some major fixing was needed.

In January 2020 I came up with the spin-off Tears of a Ghost for the Seasons Event III of RMN. The spin-off itself couldn't be completed in time but I've managed to release an alpha demo for everyone to test the new gameplay engine I have been working on since development on Steel Skin first began.

ToG was an immense improvement over Steel Skin, story-wise. My maturation and the experience I've gained with PSYCHE Locke helped plenty. After some very careful consideration, and given the importance of ToG's story in the KF universe, I've decided to promote Tears of a Ghost as a main entry in the series and also to carry over the stuff that worked about Steel Skin into this game.

So yeah, this is now Karma Flow's official sequel.
This is Karma Flow 2 - Tears of a Ghost.

- Synopsis -

Rolsara, capital of Hardnam.

It has been more than a year since the strange phenomenon called "Karma" began to spread around the country.

To this day, no one still has a clue about what this mysterious force is and how it operates.
The only thing that's certain is that it's real. Since its appearance, criminals began to face all sort of consequences for their actions. Meat Hunters in particular.

Those who kill would instantly die the same way as their victims.
Eye for an eye.

The whole city is living in terror both because of this strange situation and also because of the appearance of the Karma Patrol unit, led by Duke Eathan. These masked criminals can kill without the Karma retaliating against them and they dispose of anyone who tries to defy the law of the Karma.

That's because there are people who managed to find ways to trick this Karma, through unconventional killing methods. People who try their best to challenge fate.

One of them is Florien Kealborn, the most skillful Meat Hunter in all of Rolsara. She decided to defy the Karma in order to earn enough money that could help her secure a future for her family.

And she's ready to do whatever it takes for them.
Even confronting her own torments.

- Gameplay -

Tears of a Ghost's gameplay is an improved version of the first Karma Flow's gameplay system.

Tears of a Ghost is a Stealth action game which gives a certain degree of freedom to the player.

You must carry out your mission objectives without getting caught by the enemies. If you do, you'll have to find a way to either flee from them or completing the mission even if the whole area is alerted to your presence.

You play as Florien Kealborn, a Meat Hunter, an assassin, and during the course of the game you'll receive missions that either involve assassinating someone or carrying out different kind of tasks.

Each mission can be completed in multiple ways, you have total control over the flow of action. Equipped with your binoculars, your weapons and your watch, you, the player, must figure out a way to dispose of your victims.

Decide when, how and where. Your target moves around according to the time of day. Plan an ambush, charge head on... your decision!

The game features a sort of "Karma System". Every time you hit someone directly you lose one Hit Point. When your Hit Points are equal to 0 you die and it's Game Over, mission failed. Of course you're free to defy the Karma this way and hit your target at the cost of one Hit Point but there are much more clever ways.

If you kill your target indirectly, by ricocheting bullets or by setting up traps, the Karma will not be able to tell who killed who and will leave you alone. So think outside of the box and kill your target indirectly if you want to avoid getting hit by the Karma!

Tears of a Ghost features a ranking system. After a mission has been completed, your performance will be evaluated based on how stealthy you were, on how many times you managed to trick the Karma successfully, etcetera etcetera.

Among the improvements made since Karma Flow - The Prototype we have enemies being able to hear sounds, chasing you without getting stuck as much as before, and the ability for the player to move around the map more freely than before. For example, you can now jump whenever you want in order to reach high grounds and take much more unconventional roads!

- Media -
Gameplay Showcase #1

Gameplay Features

Dev Update #2

Dev Update #1

Showreel Update #1

Latest Blog

Progress Report #5: Original Soundtrack! / Progress thus far!

- Progress Report #5: Original Soundtrack! / Progress thus far! -

Hey, everyone!

How are you all doing?

I'm pushing forward with the game's development. Things in my life kinda slowed down lately due to Covid and all that. Y'all can surely relate, we're on the same boat, more or less. This allowed me to completely put my focus on Karma Flow 2. And I've got great news about that!

First of all, the most important bit of news.

Karma Flow 2 will feature a completely Original Soundtrack!
No more rips and no more having to scout for royalty-free stuff.

Karma Flow will now feature a completely original, personal and well-crafted soundtrack composed by Jasson Prestiliano with vocals by Lea Trisna, both are part of the group known as JPSoundworks (YT Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4TZ7ga-9oEnuEoCTt8aFWA ).

I'm sure their talent will allow the game to have a much stronger personality!
As a little appetizer, I'm going to post two tracks from the soundtrack.

The first one is the instrumental version of "Like a Ghost", the game's main theme. The full version, with vocals, is ready but I wanna "reveal" it together with a cool video. :]

The second one is the main theme of "Machinegun Kingdom", Marty Rivers' criminal business which will help Flo & co. by refurnishing them with new weapons and equipments. This song will serve as background track for MK's funny commercials too!

I hope you'll like them just as much as I do. :)

Talking about my end of things, I'm working a lot towards improving the overall gameplay. I'm also refining the tutorial mission so that is informative enough, lets you experiment, and doesn't drag on too much. I'm sure it'll be a much better "welcome" mission than the one from Karma Flow 1.

Things are getting kinda rough on the performance and technical issue angle. I'm sure they're all stuff I'll fix eventually, but it may take a while. The game already received a major performance boost during the last week of development, and I'm working now through some very ugly issues regarding how the game saves the player's progress and loads them.

It will all get fixed, trust me on that.


Nah it's no spoiler.

Or is it... ?

(As always, props to Dyhalto for the amazing job he's doing, pixel arting all of the game's characters. You're gonna see some very amazing stuff made by him! The guy deserves lots of medals.

Actually also a cake, it was his birthday yesterday!)

Hope I got you just a lil' bit excited and/or interested in what we're doing.

See ya soon for more info!!

Thank you! :)

- Pat
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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
You better mak this gam or I will hire Flo to make an accident happen.
OrudoPatto, kisama!
You better mak this gam or I will hire Flo to make an accident happen.


I will then!
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
an accident involving bullets and an extremely suspiciously placed mirror found roughly 8 meters away from where you stand to wait for your morning coffee.
OrudoPatto, kisama!
an accident involving bullets and an extremely suspiciously placed mirror found roughly 8 meters away from where you stand to wait for your morning coffee.

Sounds like your everyday life in Rolsara. XD

Just kidding.
Hurry up and finish The Lady Puppet so that (A) We can all play it, and (B) Karma Flow 2 can get back into production.
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Vaporware!Just kidding.
Hurry up and finish The Lady Puppet so that (A) We can all play it, and (B) Karma Flow 2 can get back into production.


I'm gonna do it! *self motivating fist*
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