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Progress Report

Progress Report #3: Dyhalto's on board! / Gameplay and story progress!

- Progress Report #3: Dyhalto's on board! / Gameplay and story progress! -

Hey, everyone!

How are things going for y'all?

Coming to you with some announcements and some progress report.
I've just recently promoted Tears of a Ghost to official sequel of the saga, but there's one more little surprise.

You may have noticed how cool Karma Flow's charas are looking lately.
Well, there's one person to thank for that!

The one and only, DYHALTO!

Round of applause!

Dyhalto joined in as pixel artist, and as you can see he really boosted the overall quality quite a bit! :)

Thanks, Dy!

As for me, I've worked on both the gameplay of the game and the early sections of the game's story. Here's a very little preview of the intro scene (STORY SPOILERS FROM THE FIRST GAME AHEAD):

And I've implemented some new neat gameplay mechanics into the game and fixed tons of other ones.
(You may have also noticed I changed Tears of a Ghost's gamepage a lil' bit).

First of all, keys are now completely rebindable and there're lots of customization options on that front. Whether you play with an Xbox360 controller or a keyboard, you can rebind keys however you see fit!
You can also activate a minimap or some sort of "awareness arrows" that will help you spot nearby enemies that are off-screen and can't be seen if not with your binoculars.
I've fixed the jumping mechanics and now Flo can really jump wherever she wants!
Also, I've worked on alternative killing methods. You can, for instance, activate the engine of a car and make it crash against the enemy.
There's a lock-on mechanic that will allow you to lock-on targets like enemies or objects so that you can shoot at them and hit them without having to stand on the "same line" (as long as there are no obstacles around).
Some new gadgets and items have been implemented. You can now throw rocks in order to distract the enemies, for instance.
Last but not least, the game now features footsteps sound and 8-directional movements. Footsteps can be heard with your binoculars too, as your Ultrasight binoculars are made to hear sounds from afar.

There would be tons of other things to say but I'll leave it at that and throw some videos at you showcasing some of the gameplay features I just mentioned:

And that's all there is to it for now!
Me and Dy are going to carry on with this.
If you're interested follow the game and let us know what you think!

Thank you! :)

- Pat


KARMA FLOW 5th Anniversary / This is the official sequel!

- KARMA FLOW 5th Anniversary / This is the official sequel! -

Hey, everyone!

How are things going for you all?
Today is an important day, at least for me.

Karma Flow turns five years old.

It all began in 2015, when I've decided to partecipate to an italian Short Game Contest with Karma Flow - The Prototype. Good times. Me and my pals making games together and flooding the contest's topic with pictures and information about our projects. We were really passionate about what we were doing and we couldn't wait to share our creations with the world!

Karma Flow - The Prototype ended up winning, with a score of 8 out of 10. I remember jumping out of my chair when I've read the result, scaring my uncle. Hehe.

I owe a lot to this game. It made me grow as a developer and it made me realize that making games is an immense passion of mine, one that always gives me lots of satisfaction and that still makes me dream as if I am still a young teenager. It allowed me to meet lots of interesting people, to find new friends and to experience lots of amazing stuff. I owe all of this to Karma Flow.

I owe it to this game me kicking myself in the butt and, for the first time, translating a work of mine in English and sharing it with you. Finally, a project I was proud of. And this allowed me to find RMN, a new home of mine, where I can share my creativity and have the chance to talk with lots of interesting people.

Thank you for supporting the game!
I swear that one day, you'll see the ending to this one.

Oh and on other news, you might've noticed it already...
Karma Flow 2 - Steel Skin has been cancelled.

There's a reason, of course.

Full size here: https://patrickleo.art/projects/489q8Y?album_id=1050173

Karma Flow - Tears of a Ghost is now the official sequel for Karma Flow - The Prototype.

There are various reasons as to why this is the best course of action. Steel Skin was a product made of "rough edges", given that is kind of an old story. Tears of a Ghost, though, possesses important story moments and a much more solid narrative. Since this spin-off was proving to be one big project to carry on, and an important one at that, I've decided to make this the official sequel, Karma Flow 2.

You'll see why when the time's right. Of course, the most important story bits of Steel Skin will still be present in this game. They actually... make much more sense here!

You'll see.

More news to come soon.


Thank you!

- Pat

Progress Report

Progress Report #2: Need a player's opinion!

- Progress Report #2: Need a player's opinion! -

Hey, everyone!

How are things going for you all?
I'm making constant progress on the game! As of lately, I've worked on portraits and charas.

And talking about characters...

I wanted to write this blog mostly to ask you for an opinion regarding the style of the characters for the game.

I have two options right here. If you were to pick one what would it be, based on your taste or on what you think goes better with Karma Flow?

Version 1:

Version 2:

I'm leaning towards Version 2, but I would like to know from you as well!

Thank you!

- Pat

Progress Report

Progress Report #1: Story finalized / Portraits / Studying the structure

- Progress Report #1: Story finalized / Portraits / Studying the structure -

Hey, everyone!

Some update on what has been made for Karma Flow: Tears of a Ghost.

The story has been finalized completely, together with the concept for the game's missions and "peculiar" gameplay segments, like boss battles. On paper, the game is complete.

As for the "meaty" part of development, the actual game, we're still far off... but not that much. As you've seen from the alpha, the core gameplay structure is basically complete. It will need lots of tweakings and fixing, but we're there. I still gotta work on graphics and maps in order to start prototyping all of the game's story and gameplay segments. That will probably be the hardest, and longest, part of development.

I've also been meaning to change some stuff in how Karma Flow is usually structured, in order to better enhance its concept. The original KF was splitted into different missions, but I was thinking about splitting it further into "going outs". Something that would allow the player to better plan their assassination tactics without being punished for the game's trial and error. Basically, the chance to get back to HQ mid-mission and let a day pass. This will allow to pull some "hit and retreat" kinda tactics that will allow to better scout and prep yourself for the kill. I'll talk about it more once the feature I have in mind has been properly tested.

Lately, I've been working on graphics, the game's portraits in particular, testing what coloring style would better suit something like Karma Flow.

Full size here: https://patrickleo.art/projects/N5Al6g?album_id=1050177

This I just posted is the final result of some random colouring exercises.

The in-game result being this:

Baby steps!^^

I was also considering some changes for the game's HUD:

All of its elements look way better placed now.

Next up, I'll try to focus on the pixel art side of graphics.

And then I'll set up the story segments.
I can't wait to show you what's cooking for this episode!

Having said that... better get back to work!

Thank you!

- Pat


Back to production! / Gameplay feedback / What to do next

- Tears of a Ghost is back in production! -

Hey, everyone!

Tears of a Ghost returned in production mode!

Is this game completed then?
Well... no.

Originally, the game was conceived as another short, but polished, experience much like the first Karma Flow. Few missions but with a complete story. Since I couldn't release the whole package in time, I instead dropped an alpha of the first mission for the thrid Seasons Event of RMN.

After that, my enthusiasm for the project dropped a bit so I decided that I would've finish the alpha and then stop at the first mission.

But now I think it would be stupid to stop. I know this game will be the shit once finished, so I will carry on with it. And this story needs to be told without cutting anything away, Karma Flow doesn't deserve that from me.

So Tears of a Ghost is back in production. First thing I'm gonna do is finishing the Seasons Event demo, making it polished and complete, and then I'll proceed with the full game. I have plenty of time to carry on with that now, given the quarantine for the Coronavirus situation and all.

Please look forward to the full game!

As for who already played the game, any thoughts? What do you think about the gameplay? Let me know!

Thank you!

- Pat


Alpha 0.4 available!

- Alpha 4.0 released -

Hey, everyone!

Version 0.4 of Tears of a Ghost ALPHA now available!

It introduces tons of fixes and adds Xbox360 controller support with rumble function. It allows the users to re-assign keys from the Options menu, located in the Title Screen. In order to re-assign Keyboard input, you'll need to use the good ol' F1 options menu.

  • Added Xbox360 controller support with rumble function. The tutorials and input explanations in the game change if you have the controller plugged in, and they change based on the keys assigned by the user.
  • Ricocheting bullets is now much more fun! You can ricochet bullets from all four directions and their hit range has now increased, they don't hit on a straight line anymore. This makes ricocheting much more easy to perform, too.
  • As a way to balance ricocheting being more easy to perform, you now start with less Portable Mirrors (2 instead of 4) and their range has been downscaled.
  • The game had a hard time deleting text on screen correctly (like the number of remaining ammo). It has been fixed.
  • Sometimes, animations like explosions did not perform correctly until they were visible on screen. They now perform off screen successfully.
  • Added Day/Night cycle.
  • Improved Karma Patrol responsiveness and wait time.
  • Added game's version number on the Title Screen.
  • Fixed some stuff here and there in order to improve performance and avoid crashes.

We are very close to a stable version!
Stay tuned!

Thank you!

- Pat


Alpha DEMO Available!

- Alpha DEMO released -

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to update a bit and tell you that the Alpha DEMO created for the Season event has been released!

It's almost a "developers focused" release, since it's full of placeholders and very few definitive stuff. It showcases the core gameplay of Karma Flow I've been working on since now.

A small part of what is presented here comes from Karma Flow 2. My aim is to create a "sandboxy" Stealth game that gives you lots of tools to play around with, that requires a certain degree of paying attention but that allows to get creative and to have fun despite the mistakes the player could do.

I could use feedback on this gameplay system, so do play it if you have the time (it's one, short mission) and lemme know!

For now, the release won't touch a lot on the plot, apart from giving you the opening moments of the game and some hints inside the first mission. It's almost purely "gameplay showcase", which is kinda weird for a Karma Flow game. But the plot will come too as well, very soon. Stay tuned for that! It will carry some surprises!

Thank you!

- Pat
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