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Alpha 0.4 available!

- Alpha 4.0 released -

Hey, everyone!

Version 0.4 of Tears of a Ghost ALPHA now available!

It introduces tons of fixes and adds Xbox360 controller support with rumble function. It allows the users to re-assign keys from the Options menu, located in the Title Screen. In order to re-assign Keyboard input, you'll need to use the good ol' F1 options menu.

  • Added Xbox360 controller support with rumble function. The tutorials and input explanations in the game change if you have the controller plugged in, and they change based on the keys assigned by the user.
  • Ricocheting bullets is now much more fun! You can ricochet bullets from all four directions and their hit range has now increased, they don't hit on a straight line anymore. This makes ricocheting much more easy to perform, too.
  • As a way to balance ricocheting being more easy to perform, you now start with less Portable Mirrors (2 instead of 4) and their range has been downscaled.
  • The game had a hard time deleting text on screen correctly (like the number of remaining ammo). It has been fixed.
  • Sometimes, animations like explosions did not perform correctly until they were visible on screen. They now perform off screen successfully.
  • Added Day/Night cycle.
  • Improved Karma Patrol responsiveness and wait time.
  • Added game's version number on the Title Screen.
  • Fixed some stuff here and there in order to improve performance and avoid crashes.

We are very close to a stable version!
Stay tuned!

Thank you!

- Pat


Alpha DEMO Available!

- Alpha DEMO released -

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to update a bit and tell you that the Alpha DEMO created for the Season event has been released!

It's almost a "developers focused" release, since it's full of placeholders and very few definitive stuff. It showcases the core gameplay of Karma Flow I've been working on since now.

A small part of what is presented here comes from Karma Flow 2. My aim is to create a "sandboxy" Stealth game that gives you lots of tools to play around with, that requires a certain degree of paying attention but that allows to get creative and to have fun despite the mistakes the player could do.

I could use feedback on this gameplay system, so do play it if you have the time (it's one, short mission) and lemme know!

For now, the release won't touch a lot on the plot, apart from giving you the opening moments of the game and some hints inside the first mission. It's almost purely "gameplay showcase", which is kinda weird for a Karma Flow game. But the plot will come too as well, very soon. Stay tuned for that! It will carry some surprises!

Thank you!

- Pat
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