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Back to production! / Gameplay feedback / What to do next

  • OldPat
  • 03/25/2020 04:48 PM

- Tears of a Ghost is back in production! -

Hey, everyone!

Tears of a Ghost returned in production mode!

Is this game completed then?
Well... no.

Originally, the game was conceived as another short, but polished, experience much like the first Karma Flow. Few missions but with a complete story. Since I couldn't release the whole package in time, I instead dropped an alpha of the first mission for the thrid Seasons Event of RMN.

After that, my enthusiasm for the project dropped a bit so I decided that I would've finish the alpha and then stop at the first mission.

But now I think it would be stupid to stop. I know this game will be the shit once finished, so I will carry on with it. And this story needs to be told without cutting anything away, Karma Flow doesn't deserve that from me.

So Tears of a Ghost is back in production. First thing I'm gonna do is finishing the Seasons Event demo, making it polished and complete, and then I'll proceed with the full game. I have plenty of time to carry on with that now, given the quarantine for the Coronavirus situation and all.

Please look forward to the full game!

As for who already played the game, any thoughts? What do you think about the gameplay? Let me know!

Thank you!

- Pat