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Progress Report #1: Story finalized / Portraits / Studying the structure

  • OldPat
  • 05/07/2020 04:40 PM

- Progress Report #1: Story finalized / Portraits / Studying the structure -

Hey, everyone!

Some update on what has been made for Karma Flow: Tears of a Ghost.

The story has been finalized completely, together with the concept for the game's missions and "peculiar" gameplay segments, like boss battles. On paper, the game is complete.

As for the "meaty" part of development, the actual game, we're still far off... but not that much. As you've seen from the alpha, the core gameplay structure is basically complete. It will need lots of tweakings and fixing, but we're there. I still gotta work on graphics and maps in order to start prototyping all of the game's story and gameplay segments. That will probably be the hardest, and longest, part of development.

I've also been meaning to change some stuff in how Karma Flow is usually structured, in order to better enhance its concept. The original KF was splitted into different missions, but I was thinking about splitting it further into "going outs". Something that would allow the player to better plan their assassination tactics without being punished for the game's trial and error. Basically, the chance to get back to HQ mid-mission and let a day pass. This will allow to pull some "hit and retreat" kinda tactics that will allow to better scout and prep yourself for the kill. I'll talk about it more once the feature I have in mind has been properly tested.

Lately, I've been working on graphics, the game's portraits in particular, testing what coloring style would better suit something like Karma Flow.

Full size here: https://patrickleo.art/projects/N5Al6g?album_id=1050177

This I just posted is the final result of some random colouring exercises.

The in-game result being this:

Baby steps!^^

I was also considering some changes for the game's HUD:

All of its elements look way better placed now.

Next up, I'll try to focus on the pixel art side of graphics.

And then I'll set up the story segments.
I can't wait to show you what's cooking for this episode!

Having said that... better get back to work!

Thank you!

- Pat


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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
This is very good to hear! I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the amazing stuff you get done OldPat.
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