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Terence's adventures continue... in a beachside resort!?

It's summer (or will be in a few months) and you know what that means! Time to cool off at a beach and have some FUN! Meet hot dudes and solve some random puzzles together because why not. It's basically a short game with a few puzzles to solve.

Actually, the entire game is pretty random but it is heavily inspired by another game I played years ago. It's not nearly as large-scale as the games I played but I hope y'all have fun with it anyway.

Also, the beach is littered with towels but I only have a handful of designs on the towels. If any peeps wants to design quick 32x64 or 64x32 sized beach towels for the game, it will be really cool!

*This game is #5 in the series of RMN event games I've made (excluding swap games.) To play the other games in the series, click this link. The games do not follow off one plot and are pretty much independent of one another.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
You had me at “meet hot dudes”
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