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1/31/2020 The Demo Is Just Around The Corner

G-Day everyone!

I know it's kind of early to be posting a development blog today due to the page being approved recently. So we will mainly be focusing on some more info surrounding the demo and some other general things about the game that the public profile didn't bother to talk about.

But before we get into this, I'd like to thank you all of you for all the reception and comments that you've posted on this page! I never thought this game would be seen by 812 people in such a short amount of time. It's also came to my attention that this game has got on the buzzing games page "Which I'm not too sure if an algorithm does it, or the site manually does it." but that's really amazing!


So, let's tackle some info regarding the games length. The demo will be around 2 hours, while the final game will be 9 to 12 hours long. The game has a lot of optional side quests, mini-games and bosses you can tackle so your time may vary.

Speaking of side quests lets take a look at some of the things you can do for fun in the game.

You can find these by searching in hidden places around the various worlds.
They can be used on the menu to see art work of the place you found it. But they serve more of a purpose than just some dinky little collectible. They usually have a message written by a character disclosing information on a hidden location.

The postcard found in the Abyssal Grounds.

I'm hoping that in the final version we can have the postcards drawn by multiple different people who would like to contribute.

Karma Quests:
These are favors you can do for NPCS to gain Karma Points which can be used to level up your individual stats. This can range from the simple task of delivering mail to the assassination of certain characters.

Character Interactions:
In this game, every NPC has a unique and diverse reaction to anything your little demented mind throws at them. Do you wan't to water an NPC like a flower? do you want to stab and NPC with the scissors effect? It's all up to you! Each NPC also has a unique reaction depending on the character you talk to them as.

Now lets switch our focus to on how the game progresses. After chapter 2 the game gets an over world which is a manifestation of Casey's house. In this over world you can teleport to an area by checking a window your goal is to close all of them in each room by by defeating the boss Casey created to guard the special moments in his life. For each area completed you gain the memory in the house that relates to a certain character.

Each room in the house acts as a stage of sorts for the character that gives some insight into who that character is.

You can play any of the first 2 windows in any order you'd like but there's a major window that you can only go into after beating the first 2 minor ones.

The game get's more and more deliberately creepy and messed up as it goes on due to the influence of Bardol that grows stronger as the game progresses. Eventually Casey's depressing thoughts get mixed in with his colorful world of fun, crossing the line between fantasy and reality.

Well that's about it for this post if you'd like to ask a question about the game please post it in the comments I'll answer them in the next update.