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"Thrice a decade,
the snows shall fall.
Earth claws at sun,
making shadows tall."

Before it was an empire, Leister was a small, temperate country that enjoyed being a trade center. The forests were bountiful for trappers and lumberjacks, the midlands provided ample space for livestock, and the coastline was dotted with harbors and fishing villages.

Trade led to prosperity, and prosperity led to imperialism. After absorbing several central countires, Leister began looking north. The lands of King Hansenburg were quiet, but rumors spread from peasant to queen of fey magics and dwarven jewels. It was decided that Fort Hannaway, the enormous defense of the Hansenites, was to be sieged.

The might of the imperial army shook the very foundations of Fort Hannaway, and after four months it finally opened to Leister. The generals led the emperor to the top of the battlements to observe the bountiful lands of Hansenburg.

All was ice, from mountaintop to the horizon. The Fort was the only remaining settlement of the Hansenites, as Winter had claimed the rest. As dire portent, a Snowborn devil flew up to the emperor and plucked off his head.

Three hundred years later, Leister yet marches against the snow...


Deftly command a small band of mercenaries to hold your fort against the coming Snows. Withstand waves of enemies while managing your supplies, fortifications, equipment, and reconnaissance. Train your recruits in branching vocations and distinctions to diversify your army. Uncover the intrigue and purpose that drives the Leister Empire's Frigid Court and its glorious March.

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Looks interesting. When I try to run the game, I get errors d3dx9_43.dll and XINPUT1_3.dll not found
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