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Disclaimer: This game currently exists only as a demo. It will be updated as time goes on to include far more content than is available right now.

BEFORE ASKING TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEMS: Most issues reported to me are a consequence of improper download, thus redownloading the game is recommended above all else. If the issue persists, please contact me privately.

Beetle Ninja is the story of an early-twenties hero for hire, Kishu, the Beetle Ninja. After accidentally unleashing a cataclysmic entity which is set to destroy the world in two weeks, Beetle Ninja must work to prevent the realization of the incoming cataclysm. Partner with a slew of different ninjas, and defeat hordes of devious monsters as you work against the clock to stop the end of the world.

I've noted several of the community's criticisms of my previous game Where the Moon Goes At Night, and thus I've worked on fixing them with this game:
>One of the most recurring bits of criticism I received was the lack of flavor text when interacting with unimportant items. Here, almost everything of note will showcase a short description
>Another big one was the very desolate world. In truth, this was done by design in Where the Moon Goes At Night, due to the world being an abandoned city devoid of human life. Here, there's plenty of non-essential NPCs that you can interact with.
>The final maps in the item "fetch quest" seemed to be something people disliked. Here, I'm working to make every area have personality and charm, so at least if you enter an optional area, there's some fun to be had interacting with NPCs.
>There were a lot of typos in Where the Moon Goes At Night, at least a lot upon the game's initial release. I'll try and make sure everything is properly written the first time around so this doesn't happen again!

Again, this game features completely original artwork created by myself, with feedback from Chrispy and additional artwork by Archtide. I'm planning on including several different endings as well, although I'll remain light on information as to avoid spoiling future parts of the game.

The demo takes approximately five minutes to complete, although bear in mind this is but a very small portion of the expected final product (which, like Where the Moon Goes At Night, will most likely be freeware).

If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so here: https://ko-fi.com/16bitking

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you enjoy!

Latest Blog

Progress Report #5

I have some pretty nice news for anyone whose enjoyed the first three-day demo for Beetle Ninja!
To make it short: the updated 50% demo is nearly finished as of writing this: my only remaining task is getting pre-release feedback, and some extra general polish.

I'll be honest, this game is pretty ambitious, but luckily I think it's coming together quite well so far. It is quite a different game than Where the Moon Goes At Night, which honestly was a game made to recapture the "magic" of early RPGMaker, while Beetle Ninja is more or less it's own thing completely alien in design and influence from the RPGMaker scene.
It is, indeed, quite strange to me that a game far superior to Where the Moon Goes At Night on a technical level (and I suppose in terms of scope as well) is halfway complete within only three months, whereas Where the Moon Goes At Night was a linear four-ish year project.
But, regardless I'm super excited to get the finished 50% demo up soon!
Thank you again for your consideration and for following Beetle Ninja's development!
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