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Progress Report #4

Hello again all!
These are rather difficult times for the world, I must admit. There is, however, a "silver lining", a massive advantage to my personal seclusion: Beetle Ninja progress is continuing rather quickly, and I honestly suspect I may have a larger finished demo which is to last one week: meaning 50% of my current plans are close to finished and I suspect will sometime soon be available for you to play.
Currently, the location data for two new missions are near complete: the only thing missing which disqualifies these from being new missions is the phone call assets, and one of them needs some more story elements.
I'll be working towards making town events more interesting as well: currently, week 1 has dynamic weather, and the player can theoretically make use of the extensive vacation events to pass long periods of time, although it's something I personally would highly advise against.
More events within Point de Garu are planned, and I'd like to make it a more interesting place that players are encouraged to explore far more. I thought about adding in a "mood" meter which would decrease when the player goes on missions, but conversely increase when players partake in time-wasting activities, for example drinking in the bar. While this idea, I think, is a fairly good one, and I think looking back, it's worth pursuing, I can't seem to find a way to show the player this meter within standard game play without players finding it intrusive.
To update you on my progress with Beetle Ninja, I'd estimate the in-dev version on my computer at the moment is roughly 50% complete, although this is scattered between several different days and events, some of which are inaccessible within the planned week-long demo. In terms of the aforementioned week-long demo, I'd wager to guess it's somewhere around 65% or 75% finished.
Anyhow, thanks again for reading!
-Prosciutto Man/16Bit