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Big Update

Hello all,
I thought I'd stop by to let you know I've just published a more sizable update for Beetle Ninja which introduces several new changes, all of them more "under-the-hood", but which add up to make the game a bit more fun:
>Small reworks to some skills to make combat less boring. The main takeaway is that Beetle Might will now cost 0 MP, and some temporary debuffs are now permanent. In some ways, these will make an already fairly easy game a bit easier, but I'm hoping this encourages some mixups when it comes to your strategy.
It was always my intention to punish players for not playing the game smartly, but it's been a fairly common complaint I thought deserved at least some sort of recognition.
>Some general bugfixing that I overlooked previously, particularly with the secret shop.
>You can now sell things at any time after day 4, rather than just on a few days. Hopefully this encourages more spending by players, particularly on party members, as I'm seeing a lot of people only using a few characters and not mixing up their party choices too much.