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Czarina, that icy lady who just wants to punch heroes into oblivion, has had her level reset due to a certain Owlpocalypse. To ease the pain, her friend Daedra suggests a beach vacation. Czarina reluctantly agrees... only to find herself stuck saving the Goddesses from themselves.

Czarina's Spring Break is a comedic RPG about love and not always getting what you want. It is also a tongue-in-cheek parody of RPG Maker in general.

Developed originally for the 2020 Valentiny event.

Latest Blog

Want to play? Here's the link.

So, I'm still working on this. (I always say that, but I swear I am!)

If you want to play the current version that stops having treasure/encounters around the first third, that's here! I'll do another big update when I have another third or so of the planned content done.

download this: https://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/45/locker/Czarinas_Spring_Break__Ver_B.zip

overwrite the Data folder with this:

However, it's a complete story! If you just wanna romp through a comedy rpg about being the bad guys, this version is fine for that.

changes from stream version:
-Daedra's Nightmare now costs 5 MP (from 4)
-Czarina's Tundra now only hits everybody once even while Crystallized, but if she is Crystallized, will be chased by Cull the Weak (a double-hit Water spell on the enemy with the lowest HP)
-Xa's Static has been replaced. It deals ~15% more damage and instead of extending Xa's buffs, it gives a random ally 1 MP or 4 AP (if they're not full).
-Xa's Zephyr's Speed ratio is now improved (using 66% of Xa's Speed instead of 50%)
-Xa, Valentine, and Seth now all start with a single piece of equipment. This should help with early-game MP shortages.
-Various minor map improvements

EDIT: OH WAIT THIS VERSION HAS FUCKING RALPHS IN IT HIGHLIGHTING SHIT I NEED TO FIX HAHAHAHAHAHAHA well fucking deal wit hit. ignore the ralphs around the map. or if you want the stream version,

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  • 02/15/2020 02:28 PM
  • 02/19/2020 05:06 PM
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