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Want to play? Here's the link.

So, I'm still working on this. (I always say that, but I swear I am!)

If you want to play the current version that stops having treasure/encounters around the first third, that's here! I'll do another big update when I have another third or so of the planned content done.

download this: https://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/45/locker/Czarinas_Spring_Break__Ver_B.zip

overwrite the Data folder with this:

However, it's a complete story! If you just wanna romp through a comedy rpg about being the bad guys, this version is fine for that.

changes from stream version:
-Daedra's Nightmare now costs 5 MP (from 4)
-Czarina's Tundra now only hits everybody once even while Crystallized, but if she is Crystallized, will be chased by Cull the Weak (a double-hit Water spell on the enemy with the lowest HP)
-Xa's Static has been replaced. It deals ~15% more damage and instead of extending Xa's buffs, it gives a random ally 1 MP or 4 AP (if they're not full).
-Xa's Zephyr's Speed ratio is now improved (using 66% of Xa's Speed instead of 50%)
-Xa, Valentine, and Seth now all start with a single piece of equipment. This should help with early-game MP shortages.
-Various minor map improvements

EDIT: OH WAIT THIS VERSION HAS FUCKING RALPHS IN IT HIGHLIGHTING SHIT I NEED TO FIX HAHAHAHAHAHAHA well fucking deal wit hit. ignore the ralphs around the map. or if you want the stream version,

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