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Submitted for the Valentiny event. The objective was to build a full romance game in a week with just one map.

Hugo and Selina are young adults who were in couple since middle school. However, Selina has died of a cancer two years ago and Hugo is feeling very lonely. Selina's spirit hasn't left Earth yet and she sometimes appears to soothe Hugo and make him remember the old times.

The objective is to find all stars (6) in the map. When you find a star, a little cutscene will be played. Selina appears and Hugo speaks to her. Once you've found all stars, a message will prompt you to go to the far north of the map to watch the final cutscene.

The game is not very long. It would take you at most 15 minutes to find all stars and watch the ending.

The download button will let you get the version made for Valentiny. You don't need RTP at all. I plan on improving the game and making it a little longer with more stories.

Game engine: RPG Maker VX Ace by Enterbrain
Minimalistic tileset (RTP-inspired) made by Fflo
Characters by Enterbrain
Music from bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/sad-day
Title screen background from Flickr
Enhanced message system script by Yanfly

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