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Whatever potential this game had was locked behind a badly placed graphical error.

  • Xanedil
  • 07/02/2009 08:27 AM
When I first saw this game, I just had to read the reviews on this game. The reviews made some good points I guess, but decided that the only way to really get a feel for the game is to actually play the game itself. For all I know, I might regret this, but I'm willing to give Lazerkirby a chance at this...

...and right now, unfortunatly I am. The first thing I notice is the very... odd music. The music is kind of odd and really doesn't fit with the setting. The mapping is, in a word, attrocious. I understand that it's not good to leave a map bare, thus the creation of the second layer of graphics, but the same rule is true the other way around. Filling the ENTIRE MAP with second-layer stuff is a BIG NO-NO! It's hurtful to the eyes and only confuses players. Do not fill the maps with random crap please. I also notice that I have seen those same Kirby sprites in numerous spots before. I won't count off for this much because I understand that it easier to use premade sprites rather than your own. As long as permission is granted, credit is given, and it is used well, it's fine with me. Let's just hope that it is. I will admit though that they do clash with the Mac&Blue chipsets but I can handle it.

Now on to the game itself (or at least its tutorial.) I meet a Waddle Dee who tells me to go into the house. Give the gamers some credit -_-. If I see a house, 99% of the time I enter it. It's okay though, just maybe have him say something a little more natural than "Go into the house." Something more cool-sounding at least. Okay, I have to bring this up, if you go to the trouble of having the Kirby house in the chipsets, make sure they WORK. The Waddle Dee's feet go out into the edges of it making it seem slapped on (sorry, OCD talking here.) The shop's dialouge I will admit is a little amusing. He says "Hi guys," even though you are the only person there. At least make a switch where it's: 1 person: "Hi man" or something, and then 2 people or more: "Hi guys." It makes more sense that way. Plus, I like how he says, "Hurry... I have other customers" even though there's no one else in the building (I esspecially love the absence of the period.) Let me rap this segment up by saying that, is a tutorial really nessisary? All of the things explained are very basic RPG elements that anyone who's ever touched an RPG would know. Well, on to the actual game.

Oh God have mercy... I understand that something as innocent as Kirby is virtually plotless, but you really couldn't come up with anything better? Oh well, as long as it makes sense (which it doesn't right now,) it's fine. Personally, I find it odd that you can't talk to the Waddle Do. In fact, pushing 'enter' on him makes you face south. ....Why?..... Nevermind, on with the game. Okay... why did the Waddle Do suddenly want to help me? And please note that adding "by the way, that's a save point." is really awkward. He should've said that when you were first talking to him. And his sudden mood swing wasn't really that believable, either. Insides are pretty plain, so no complaints, except for the askew plates (OCD talking again.) Another hint I'd like to add is to write the dialouge on MS Word or whatever writing program you have because it at least has a SPELL CHECK! I appologize, I just really can't stand spelling errors (even though this review I'm sure has some. -_-) And please don't make the save point "On Hero Touch!" It's not a help, it's a hinderance. Please switch it to "Push Key." When you teleport, have the directions be consistant. If you are going to end up in another side of the next map, at least have it to where Warrior Dee faces AWAY from the edge.

Yay, my first battle. Even though the spelling/grammer errors and lack of natural dialouge hinder this scene, I will admit that the song used here is KICK ASS! Only problem; IT DOES NOT FIT! A song like this doesn't belong in a Kirby game. Consider this song for something else, but not for this game. The battle itself is okay I guess, but it's plain. Nothing to really write home about. Shame the end battle song isn't nearly as good. It's fine, but not very triumphant. I know this review is getting really kinda in depth right now, so I'll spare the spoilers and only comment on graphical/mechanical/story/character/etc errors. I will at least try to at least get half way through the game before publishing this.

Sorry, but "oh oh ow ow."?????? Sorry, I just HAD to comment on that. Love how the trees don't overlap, but it's okay. I can overlook it. Sorry, but "Then. Right. Idiot."????? Sorry, I'll stop with the very random dialouge oddities (you really shoud fix them, though. They just BEG to be made fun of.)

Okay, I REALLY have to comment on this. Play every Kirby game from the Game Boy one to Squeek Squad and tell me: WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A FEMALE WADDLE DEE BEFORE!!!??? I understand that female casting is important in RPGs, and well, I know the Waddle Dees have to repopulate somehow, but please be consistant with the fanchise. I suppose you really can't take her/it out but while females are important, they have to be in proper place. Same for the other way I'm sure, I just can't think of any example. Also the Snow thing is kinda out of the blue, don't you think? Oh, forget it, on with the game.

LOL, I didn't know the Dees had an "economy." Oh well, nevermind. I need to say right now that mixing Mac&Blue and RTP is not good (I'm guilty of doing it, that's why I know.) The bridges are not of this chipset and they really clash with the rest of the enviornment. The simple RTP bridge with suffice. Okay, I found a, I'm going to say bomber, who asks me to deliver a package to Snow (very original name, by the way.) My huge problem is that not only do you NOT get a notice like, "Obtained Package," but you never even obtained a package. How do you deliver something you don't have!? Oh, forget it.

I'm just going to play the game and then give a final evaluation when I think I've played enough. I think that's fair. Please know that I'm not telling you that you can't make an RPG worth crap, I'm simply providing constructive criticism so that you may better this game and all future ones you make.

Alright, now that that's done, on with the game!

I will say again, I love the battle song, It just doesn't fit with this particular game.

And guess what, I cannot play past the second map of the road between the village and Snow because there is a GRAPHICAL ERROR! That's correct, there is a badly placed cliff edge that forbids me from playing further. Assuming the fact that this game is released on the web already, I can only assume this:

1. The maker did not test play this game.
2. The maker did but used the ctrl cheat and bypassed it, later forgeting about it.
3. It was intentional, which I really doubt.
4. There was another way, which unless I'm proven wrong, I'm convinced there's not.

I'm sorry, but when I'm faced with something like this, I just get really pissed. I was willing to give this game a chance, dispite the reviews I've read. Now I can only review what I've played. I was hoping to see it get better, but unless it's fixed, I can't.

Story: 1/5
Even though the universe of Kirby really doesn't leave much room for a deep story, the story chosen here is uninspired, bland, and the prologue should've been better thought out.

Characters: 1/5
Characters are at times a little different in their dialouge, but they really have little to no development whatsoever. They are bland and uninspired; probably the reason why they were no more than common enemies in Kirby.

Graphics: 2/5
I really can't complain about RTP graphics as long as they are done right, which unfortunatly, they're not. The maps are simply way too cluttered and the graphics are inconsistant.

Gameplay: 2/5
Not good, but plausable. It's just basic stuff. The "On Hero Touch" save point is a big deal to me because it's an interuption.

Sounds/Music: 2/5
The sounds are just RTP, so I really can't complain. Again, I love the battle song, but it doesn't fit. Many of the songs really didn't fit with the enviornment.

Personally, I wish I could've played on. I wanted to see what lied beyond. I wanted to see how you imagined your story would turn out. That's namely what an RPG does is tell a story. Unfortunatly, because of that graphical error, I was forced to simply go off of a poor prologue and bland characters, and unfortunatly, I don't like what I see. I'm sure it can work, but it needs work; lots of it, but it's up to you whether or not my criticism is valid or not. Just know that I wouldn't take the time to write this review if I didn't care about your RPG making.


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*sigh* yes, I keep forgetting to fix the problems after I test the game.

However, I still wonder how people could have gotten past the snow forest...
I'm not sure, for all I know, I might've downloaded the wrong version or something. If you do fix at least the errors that prevent the story from being followed I will play it. I believe you did put time into this and that it's at least worthy of being played through by another person.
Hmm... in the map that you couldn't get past...

there are no cliffs
Alright, if you fixed it, I'll give the game another go.
Yes, I fixed it. You might want to save a copy of this review and delete it off RMN and make another "edition" with the full game.
Is there some reason people are so eager to trash this game in such an angry way?
I agree with Fallen-Griever, the peoples here are stupid or something.
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