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The world of Gaia and its people was nearly destroyed by the God of Death, and his minions. But thanks to the efforts of a savior, the legendary heroes, backed up by those who wished to live, the God of Death was banished to another dimension. Centuries pass since that time, and now a new threat has arisen, as the world is experiencing decay, could it be the God of Death's bane? Or could some new force be behind this?

You take control of Max, who dreams of making a name for himself and abandon his meager life in a rural village, which is on the brink of desertion. But little does he know that his journey for fame will end up changing the fate of Gaia.

This game is another remake of the old rm2k and rm2k3 game. But it's mostly a smaller scale project at the moment, and it's being remade properly and with many fixes to the plot among other things. The project is mostly to help me in practice making tiles for future projects.

But the project will also retcon some things that were present in the 2k3 version of the game. But will also try to have more character backstory involved for more of the party members instead of the few that were explored. Plus a more simplified battle system, but with elements being the focus as all games before it has been centered around.

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PVX Blog #3 Skill Learning System

Hey there, Jaymonius here with some more Phantasia VX information, and plans I intend to implement into the game! :D

At a point in the game, you will unlock sub-element. Which will allow your heroes to learn new spells and passives! (If you played Phantasia Remake, it will be at the point where you will obtain the Element Orb.)

Each of the elements will be like a class each hero can go to. And then when fighting under that element, you will eventually learn new spells and passives.
Each element will have its own focus on certain roles, such as buffs, debuffs, damage, etc.

The spells, skills, or passives you learn will also allow you to equip them. However, you can only equip 8 spells, skills and passives at a time. So choose wisely on what you want your heroes to learn, and what you will want to assign them as.

While the heroes will learn spells and passives through the Sub-Element system, they will also learn their own EX Skills that they will possess alone and can not be learned by anyone else. Also, each spell/skill will grant stat boosts as if they were like equipment!

It may feel limiting in terms of being able to use only 8 spells, skills, and passives. The enemies will also have to follow these rules as well. So you won't have to worry about enemies having a large skill pool. It'll make it easier to learn their attack patterns.

What stuff you learn is still in a major development, but the groundwork has been laid out. So it's something to look forward to at least.

Hope you enjoyed what will be in store, see ya again. :P

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  • 02/21/2020 08:21 PM
  • 10/06/2021 07:23 PM
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ok i play all saga to do a remake again i dont know your logic man
p2 need more remake ps where you gona put dark path of p6
Be patient on that front.

P6 is still being worked on. And I'm working on a new P1 to test out my spriting and stuff, and depending on how well this game does, then P2 will be next.
great cove but i like more thesprite of p6 that make me ask why you putl od sprite style fory tour remake instead anyme like sprite of p6 for p6 where are you in devlopment xd you give no yubtate steam or other platform are you die
P6 is still going, just ending one of the bigger arcs in the game, which requires a lot of mapping and cutscenes. X_X;
i thinlk p6 is divers in 3 ac act one the beganing until asgad 1 fight
act 2 the collect of memories of elmental go too asgad 2 (bad path end) good arc 3 war again the gouvernement and alexander minion and finaly act marx and zack epilogue
i sugest if you get bad end
you unlock possed zack as secret boss or going 2 end one marx win 2 dark god win
'When will the project be done? Who knows.' I frowned at this and then remembered my own propensity to procrastinate (I call it briefly PtoP and it even sounds like a jRPG acronym). The game looks promising and worth waiting for though. All the best with the work!
Demo? >>;

Good question. I haven't even started on anything plot-related. XD
im curious about this game to the firth remake was lots bugs like when the characther walk on full speed like in p5

what done are you in p6 production for p6 are you in bad end path or morenear in good path maps
P6 is on hold again. Working on this, but luckily, Arcanion's done. Just going through the testing phases now. :D
do you plan a demo p1 vx

Nope! 'fraid not! Considering most of the mapping is done, and I'm also starting on working on battle animations, making a demo of this game would be fruitless.
yo games is epic is asgad going to be a seceret boss too and how fr are you in p6 alexebder sem not danerous in demo
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