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PVX Blog #2 - Map Progression

  • J-Man
  • 05/08/2020 11:01 PM
Hey there peeps, mostly just an update as to some who may be a bit curious as to the pacing and progression of the maps that are being done. To those who are familiar with Phantasia1/Remake, I'm nearing the end of the Argus arc. And with the recent screenshot I uploaded, you will actually be able to visit the city, as I'll be adding an additional plot point to further explore some character's backstories, etc.

But anyway, in terms of maps done, I'm actually almost 70% done all the maps needed for the game. Once all the maps are done, spirting battle animations and character sets will be coming next. So yeah, that's about it in terms of progression.

When will the project be done? Who knows. Though my pace on this project during the past week has been pretty good though! ^_^

See ya'll again!