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  • Added: 04/23/2020 02:44 PM
  • Last updated: 03/28/2023 06:26 PM


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Looking slick. I'd move the two enemies down a couple of pixels, just so the top one isn't so near the wall. Also, are those portraits here to stay? They're comparatively grainy compared to everything else.
Yeah, I made a tiny error when I placed them, so that will be adjusted. As for the faces, they're mostly placeholders for now. (They're just the ones I used in the RM2003 version.)

I'm more likely to make the faces from scratch. I'm just having a tough time on how I'm going to make the said faces.
great screen shot ilike saw 2003 face of the cast in vx ace game funny xd do you manage get contac with your artix to make new face and in p6 coud you ad a ubtatedtox fix bug that we saw mutiple zack in streagy menu pre the fight with fuse vallery zack on mout veskal
I really like the looks of the battlers. : )
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