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Warning: This game contains foul language that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Xeno is a man that just wants to cause havoc. After pouring blood, sweat, and tears into his latest plan, he intends to spread the word of his takeover by any means necessary. However, the only flaw in his master scheme is vivid to the eyes of others: Himself. Being an incompetent villain and kindhearted young man, Xeno would be the last person one expects to dawn a long cape and traverse down the opposite road most choose for an adventure. However, that's exactly what he does, which is where the comedy involving his surroundings ensues. Accompanied by his cat Timothy, who can now speak due to technological enhancements, Xeno sets forth to advertise his eventual conquest, meeting new faces along the way.

The Peeps

Xeno (pronounced ZEE-NO) is a youthful individual, who thrives on striking fear into the hearts of others. At least, that's what he thinks he is. In actuality, Xeno is rather incompetent as a "supervillain", and is quite lacking in the cruelty departments as well. With a simple-minded world view and kindhearted nature, Xeno seeks to make the public think otherwise of him for reasons unknown.

Timothy is Xeno's pet cat. A wise and seasoned feline, Timothy will not hesitate to give Xeno words of advice (not that he'd end up listening, of course).

Mysterious Woman
Oooo. She's a secret!


  • VeryShort (around 30 minutes if you're checking everything out)

  • No Battles!

  • Lots of Dialogue

  • A Comedic Experience

Download Now!

(And please let Wearyrains/PIB know if you find any bugs or missing credits!)

SumRndmDde - SRD_CreditsPlugin, SRD_GameUpgrade
HimeWorks - HIME_PreTitleEvents
Yanfly - YEP_RegionRestrictions, YEP_MessageCore

Enterbrain/Kadokawa - RTP assets, BaseResource assets
Wearyrains/PixelatedInkBottle - Title screen art, face assets (Xeno, Margo, Timothy), cutscene art

Enterbrain/Kadowaka/Yoji Ojima - RTP, BaseResource
Murray Atkinson - "Boss Battle 2" track

Everyone - Support, Guidance

Thank you!

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