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This game was originally made for the 2020 Valentiny event, which had a hard limit of only one map/area for the entire game. It should take like, 10-20 minutes to play.

It all started when Thoren microwaved a heart-shaped steak for their wife, Raine. It was just supposed to be a simple romantic Valentine's day dinner at home, but something went horribly wrong in the cooking process and the two of them were sent to another world. Thankfully Raine appears to be okay after that incident. However, Thoren went missing.

Can she find her beloved nonbinary robot-piloting ghost partner and get back home?

(Well, if she doesn't, she'll probably destroy everything in her path with her dominion over rage itself, so let's hope she does for the sake of the place she's fallen into.)


-The Bond-
Raine and Thoren have a powerful bond together which allows them to not only sense each other from any distance, but they can also feel each other's pain. While second-hand pain is not as potent as first-hand pain, it's still something to watch out for.

As a lord of rage, Raine is a force to be reckoned with. She can lift impressive weight, destroy massive boulders (if she's not too hungry), and pulverize her enemies in fits of nigh-uncontrollable rage. Her attack power is boosted considerably in this state, but cannot choose which of her enemies get their faces bashed in.

-Kiss you wife... with consent!-
Thoren's love for Raine knows no bounds, but it does know respect. Despite having silicone lips, apparently Thoren is a really good kisser. Not only does this heal a great deal of Raine's damage, but it also cures many ailments. Do note that it also quells her rage, which may not always be the most tactically sound move. Kiss responsibly.

Thoren has a small colony of nanites that they keep around to perform repairs upon their robotic body at their command. They're quite efficient and can heal for a while!
One must wonder what else Thoren could do with those nanites...

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Just played through it. Such a lovely game and charming couple <3
Thank you for playing! :D
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