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My first ever submitted game! Presenting Aladdin, a game that draws inspiration from console RPGs and Magic: The Gathering.

The game opens with a shadowy rogue and an oblivious Aladdin arriving at the entrance of an ominous cave. As Aladdin you enter the cave alone and eventually meet up with a fire djinn who explains that you've stumbled into the netherworld and need the djinn's help in order to escape. Along the way, the djinn asks you to help him find his Magic cards!

In this game you fight monsters by selecting cards (items) that dish out fire damage, an ability bestowed to you by a fire djinn with 9999 health. (In order to keep some challenge in the game, I've made it so the battle is over if Aladdin is knocked out.) Rather than using skills or attacks, damage is primarily dealt using cards that are dealt randomly. Cards can also grant other effects such an invulnerability.

There's no leveling/exp and no random battles. As a result the game is rather short, under two hours to be more specific. This being my first submitted RPG Maker project, I set out to make this a quirky little experience that shows off some hopefully new ideas. It is primarily meant to serve as an example of an item based battle system, with the odd puzzle sequence or two to help round things out.

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This game is extremely RNG dependent. All the following factors are completely out of the player's control:

- Who aladdin attacks
- what cards you draw (if you dont draw a shield early on you probably loose): too many enemies at once, like 8? By the time the genie draws cards i'm usually at half health
- whether the enemies attack aladdin (who is not very durable) or the genie (who is indestructible)
- early game enemies have very powerful status effects like sleep and if they hit aladdin with it, you are basically gonna be doing nothing until he wakes up
- you can do basically nothing for the first 2-3 turns because you have to save mana for draws.

The mechanics are very interesting, I've never seen anything like this in an rpgmaker game before. It would be much better if the player had more agency over what happens to them though. As it currently is I have to get very good luck (which i usually dont in an RPG maker game) or I get nowhere fast.
True, RNG has a lot of sway here, but even if the player gets screwed and dies as a result, they can just try the battle again. There is no punishment for losing a battle aside from having to start the battle over. So I figured the randomness wasn't too much of an issue, especially if the trade-off was that it added suspense/uncertainty to battles.

During playtesting I actually made some of the battles easier. (If it felt like I was retrying way too many times.) I also removed weaker cards, which increased the chances of getting the more crucial cards when they're needed.

Sleep exists in many RPGs, didn't see it as a problem here. I only included it in a few battles. It is annoying, but that's kind of the point. I felt the effects on the battle and player's game plan was interesting enough to include. And depending on the circumstances it doesn't always slow you down much.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback! I'm glad to have gotten some finally, even if it was critical. I was feeling pretty lonely, releasing a game and not hearing a peep from anyone for so long. :p
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