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This game was originally made for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 138 on Itch.io. This game jam's theme was "Flop" so it stumped me the first day of development. When the one week was up, I still had alot of the game still left to develop. So I transitioned the game to the Matchmaker Cleric Jam which had the theme of "love and spreading it around." I put it in this jam because it had an underlining theme of "love". As I continued development of the game I realized the game's tone and overall message fit this jam better then the first game jam.

This game was made for the MatchMaker Cleric Jam.

Zethero Chiver is an aspiring Mana user, but he can’t cast Spells no matter how hard he tries. However, when he revisits a place from his childhood, he has an encounter. This encounter will help him tap into more than just how to use magic.

This game has some choices that affect the course of the story and there two endings to get. This game is an interactive fiction so its very story heavy, however I put in some gameplay elements to add some variety.

Zethero Chiver: He is a confident yet kind person. He is very knowledgeable about magic but struggles to actually use it.

Aureen Nudorvoir: She is from an alternate dimension where they can cast magic instinctual. She is quite empathetic individual, but she feels isolated even among her own kind.

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