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This is a Fanmade Game inspired by Crusader Quest mobile game. This Game is a spinoff and the plot revolves around the Crusader Quest plot, aside from that, Players that didn't play Crusader Quest should also be able to play the game because there are explanations of the important story.

It will feature one of the characters, which is R-0, an Android that is searching for her true creator. In the journey, She meets Chrome, a Guard that just want to have an easy life but turns out helping R-0 along the way. Through their journey, they will go through a lot of obstacles and meet other Crusader Quest characters.

- 15 Original Sprites based Crusader Quest (And More WIP)
- Unique & Original Story Dialogue
- Puzzle & Battle RPG Gamestyle
- RPG battle system with Crusader Quest skills like system
- Fight 30+ Crusader Quest Types Mobs
- Items from Crusader Quest
- Soulbound weapon system
- 2+ Hours of Content

Content Plagiarism Disclaimer:
A lot of the Art & Music from this Game belongs to Crusader Quest (NHN Corporation, Load Complete, Han Game & Studio EIM). So of course, I will not make the game commercial, I just make this for entertainment purposes.

Latest Blog

Starting New Game!

Hi Everyone,

I’m a veteran player of Crusader Quest and played the game 4 years ago since R-0 become popular and have its own spinoff game called “Ride Zero”. From there it inspires me to make an RPG game base of R-0 and other Crusader Quest Characters, thus this project is created. This is the first time for me to be a game developer including to use RPG makerVX Ace, so every feedback is very appreciated.

The first part is already done, but I will look first how people react to it before I continue on the final second part.
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  • ninosanjaya
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure Puzzle RPG
  • 03/07/2020 06:51 PM
  • 03/26/2020 09:23 AM
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4 towns, 3 dungeons. Streamed it and it's a pretty basic rpg game. There is some use of sample maps and default database items. However, some parts, like the soul bound weapons, are very overpowered, doing 1500-3000 in a single hit, so this means that most enemies, including bosses, will go down pretty fast. There is also a strange mechanic where your physical attacks sometimes cause enemies to gain the counterattack stance for 3 turns, forcing you to use skills and/or magic. The game is very easy, in fact if the male protag is at low HP he cries to his robot waifu for help and she automatically does her laser explosion magic, which made me feel like that time where your starter pokemon in pokemon lets go just randomly decides to survive a fatal attack. The plot is basically an anime where the average unexceptional dude goes around and ends up with a gaggle of waifus fighting alongside him. If this all sounds like fun to you, by all means.
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