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A millenia after the war between Aether Dragon Caelum and Nether Dragon Gehenna, the continent of Divinus will once again face its darkest moment. Armed with the burning axe of Vulcan, the fate of world falls into the young Prince of Aston, Lionel.

Dracoseal - Aether Knights and the Legion of Hell (shortened title: Aether Knights) is an FE fangame developed using the SRPG Studio. It is set in the year 1208 on the continent of Divinus. You will take control of Lionel, a young and inexperienced prince from the Kingdom of Aston who was thrown unprepared into the chaos that is taking over the world.

  • A cross between GBA and Gaiden’s gameplay mechanics

  • Three different modes; Single RN, Double RN and Paragon Mode

  • The ability to save at the start of a turn

  • Overall challenging level design comparable to Judgral FE games

  • Tough enemy bosses that requires teamwork to defeat

  • New classes such as Eagle Knight

  • Multiple support conversations

  • Second generation characters(*)

  • References to various pop-culture games/arts/shows

(*) Not included in the demo

-This fangame contains dark themes and events not suitable for younger audiences. If the Judgral influence didn’t outright imply it, this will be the second warning.

-This game is purposefully made to be challenging & punishing as it is dedicated for Thracia/Kaga Saga players. As such, the game is highly not recommended for newcomers.

Latest Blog

Version 0.48 is here!

Hey hey, people. Dracoseal version 0.48 is here! Here are the details about the new build:

Update v0.48:

-Added chapter 13 ~ 16, all of them set in the Magical Kingdom of Evora.
-Added six more playable characters, including the Princess of Evora and the Prince of Cooper!
-Added new entries in Extras, including Gallery.
-Added more new weapons, including the Tearing Lance, which is a Berwick Saga-styled cavalry charge lance named after TearRing Saga (“Tearing”…get it?).
-Added the over-the-top critical hit animation, promote your unit so you can see them in action!
-There are 4 difficulty setting now: Standard, Assisted, Kaga and Madhouse; if you’re new to Fire Emblem or SRPG in general and still want to try the hard games, Assisted Mode is here for you!
-Several maps from earlier version has been revised and more dialogues have been added in some of them as well!
-Gameplay and units have been rebalanced here and there.

This new version was playtested on Standard Mode with only using 2 stat boosters, lowered growth, intentional mistakes, and no warp-skipping, so it’s all fair and balanced! :smiley:

Known issues:

-During Fog of War, trying to move past a unit using flier or any unit with the skill Pass will cause the unit to be halted as if they’re bumped into an enemy.
-During Fog of War, it is possible to warp ON an enemy unit.
  • Production
  • GodSejeong97
  • SRPG Studio
  • Tactics Strategy RPG
  • 03/08/2020 01:14 AM
  • 03/09/2021 05:25 AM
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My mind is full of fuck.
Dying too easy just for a training battle.
Dying too easy just for a training battle.
Try using Vulnerary more (don't conserve on items in this game) and rely on terrain advantage for the prologue. If you're talking about the mage, then do not initiate combat unless you're going in for the kill.
Great game, finished all current chapters and it was pretty fun. Thought I could do a mini-review and also note some bugs and stuff I found.

Honestly not much to say here, since it's just Fire Emblem. Healing staves having 2 range and bows up to 3 range is nice though. And Warp/Rescue staves being readily available is really nice.

Story & Convos

Overall nothing groundbreaking, but the overall plot and story feel fine. Was somewhat surprised at how dark the story got with R'lyeh and stuff though.

Something I thought was nice is that Johanna's act of forcing herself on Peter didn't just get sweeped under the rug (well, I guess Matthias sorta does but still). Johanna gets depressed over it and feels guilty, and Peter can't get along with her anymore. It does feel a bit awkward after you learn that though, since Johanna is mostly seen and treated as a young and promising, but somewhat naive, leader as per Fire Emblem lord standards. I feel like people in your army will eventually know what she did and they'll have to forgive her for what she did for the plot to move forward, and I'm just imagining Prisca go "Well, what you did was bad but young people do dumb stuff, premeditated rape is just one of those things all teenagers do once during puberty! Now let's move on and never talk about this again". I guess the other option is no one outside of the trio ever learning of this, but then it kinda feels like she got off scot-free (then again she did get depression though, so maybe it's fine).

On a different note, I was surprised you went with a LionelxChristine ship. For the most part, I felt like Christine was a bit of a subversion to the standard cleric village girl that falls in love with the lord we see in a bunch of FE games, since their relationship is never really portrayed as romantic early on. Sorta feels like before chapter 12 they're just friends and starting from 12xx intermission they suddenly start blushing if they look in the general direction of eachother.

Characters (Battle Performance)

-Lionel: I feel like Lionel inevitably gets used a lot early on since he's your only frontliner for a few chapters, and Dormant Vulcan allows him to dominate the early game. Once you get more units though, he kinda feels a bit meh. Vulcan is still great due to good damage and high accuracy, and Rapier and Cub Beil are nice when they're applicable, but I found myself mostly using him just for Charisma and Convoy past a certain point.

-Christine: main healer girl, levels up quickly, and has great defense for a cleric. Nothing to write home about offensively but Light Tomes have high accuracy which is nice.

-Thomas: magic nuke. Not sure if I got really lucky, but for me, Thomas got a point in Magic almost every single level, so past a certain point he just obliterated everything in his path, combine that with high mobility once he's promoted and he's just a beast.

-Martha: she started off a bit weak and basically unable to damage anything with non-garbage defense, she then got Galeforce and became amazing. Being able to move twice with no strings attached is just great: allows her to kill 2 enemies per turn, kite enemies, reach ballistas, and so on and so forth. Also really versatile once she promotes since she can use all 3 melee weapons.

-Peter: starts off one-shotting everything that looks at him off, then becomes just good. He certainly didn't become bad, but it's not like the early stages where he was effectively invincible.

-Simon: started off kinda useless, but he became better after getting Deathblow since it helped his damage a lot. Definitely feels like he has good potential due to being able to use bows after promoting (I didn't get to promote him until the end of the last chapter in the demo).

-Junia: your only bow user early on, she's great at doing her job. An overall solid unit.

-Joseph: nothing to write home about honestly, but Triangle Adept does make him fairly accurate and evasive when he has weapon advantage. Didn't get to promote him yet (reached level 18 on the last stage).

-Hanna: fantastic shopper due to her Bargain skill (too bad it doesn't stack with the membership card). Good defensive unit and Hanna's Lance is a fantastic weapon when facing enemy armored units. I found the Dualform Seal to be kinda useless though, never found a time when it was better to have her be a Soldier instead of a Knight.

-Kiba: felt a bit underwhelming because enemies have a lot of lance users. But when he does get a chance to shine he does well.

-Matthias: probably best physical defensive unit, generally can tank anything that's not bows or magic. High mobility and good damage are just icing on the cake.

-Carmel: cleric with higher mobility and Canto which is really convenient. Also has better stats in everything but Magic and Defense compared to Christine. Miracle+Sol once she's promoted is a pretty nice combo.

-Johanna: pretty underwhelming until she gets the Dormant Rapide. After that she becomes pretty nice for picking off enemies that have low defense/HP or that have already been weakened due to Rapide's high accuracy and decent damage. Also really high Speed.

-R'lyeh: big damage but fairly inaccurate, particularly with Fenrir. Advantage against Anima is really convenient though. Wary Fighter+Miracle is great defensively (she's not really fast enough to double anything anyway).

-Prisca: started off a bit underwheling compared to Thomas, then she got Vignale. A siege tome with good accuracy that allows you to double and gives +5 Magic and Speed is just crazy.

-Andrew: basically worse Prisca, and that's before she got the Vignale. Feels really underwhelming for a pre-promoted unit.

-Chaco: weak before evolving, and okay after. Haven't had that much of a chance to test its performance, but it has good stats and high mobility after evolving.

-Sheerah: good stats in almost all areas, high res for a melee unit. Has a nice set of skills, with Carrier and Stun standing out.

-Jude: capture seems it could be really busted and help save a lot of money. Pugio gives him overall good damage.

-Aquila: lower strength but better skill and res than Junia. Doesn't seem that promising, but does fine against flying units and has utility with staves.

-Miriam: really high speed but low attack. Has trouble dealing damage to anything with an actual defense stat even with Moonbow, albeit Poison Strike at least always guarantees a bit of damage.


-Not really sure if it's a bug, but is the Nihil Scroll supposed to have infinite uses?

-Forgot about the exact chapter, but on the chapter you first fight Nero, the "pirate left the map" message kept repeating itself after every action.

-In chapter 14, you get a Torch at the start of the chapter, you keep this Torch if you Save and reload, so you can get infinite Torches this way.

-In chapter 14, stepping into the bottom-left house (which can only be accessed through a teleporter) doesn't do anything.


-Some of the descriptions could maybe use a bit more detail. Charisma and Anathema only say they affect "units" instead of "ally units" and "enemy units" respectively. The chapter where Kiba officially joins your army tells you you'll get +2 levels if you keep your units alive but I don't think it points out well enough it's referring to your green units. When you get the Dormant Rapide it tells you it doesn't consume durability when it's used as a thrown weapon, but I don't think it specifies it's talking about only when it misses, not in general.

-I feel like the anti-armored weapons could get a couple more uses. There's generally a lot of armored units and early on most of your units can't deal any damage to armored units without the aforementioned weapons.

-There seems to be a lot of lance-wielding units in general when it comes to enemy armies. Maybe a bit more diversity with sword-wielding Myrmidons/Mercenaries and axe-wielding ruffians would be good.

-Would be nice if enemies killed by green units still gave out their drops or gold (maybe at the end of the chapter).

-Maybe Hanna keys could get 3 uses? They feel pretty expensive right now for just 1 use.

-I feel like on Chapter 13 you could have the guards that drop Keys be present right off the bat instead of spawning later. Otherwise players might waste money with Hanna Keys fearing they won't have enough keys when they reach the prisoners/chests.

-I think Christine, Lionel and Johanna could maybe get a higher level cap, since their promotions are story-locked (well, I assume Christine will get one). Both Christine and Johanna have been sitting at level 20 for a couple chapters.

-Could maybe add unit growth rates in their status screens, or in the Extra section.

-I think the Extra section could also use a Summary section that gives short summaries of the plot so far. Given the fact that the game is released in groups of chapters, it's a good way to refresh people's memory between releases.

-Maybe Chapter 15 could get more rewards? Currently I feel like there's no incentive to actually play the stage: dragons don't give much EXP, and you can Warp Thomas to the Lagonda right on turn 1 to complete the stage. Aside from a Thoron drop and any potential captures you land with Jude you get no rewards whatsoever from the stage, so there's no real motivator to wasting a lot of weapon durability in this stage when you could just skip it with a single Warp. Maybe have piles of gold in the cave you can Check for money and equipment? Or have dragons drop Dragon Scales which can be sold for money afterwards?

-I think it would be nice if we got more skill diversity. You've taken skills from different games and I believe Thomas's Nebula is entirely original (and one of Prisca's skills has a different effect in this game than what it did originally), so it's a bit boring to have Sol or Ruptured Sky on 4 different units. Not saying every skill on every unit should be unique or anything like that, but I feel like there's enough skills to choose from where repeated skills could be a bit less common than right now. Maybe instead of Ruptured Sky, Andrew could get Opportunist (deal more damage to units that can't counter), instead of Moonbow, Miriam could get a new skill that makes her crits ignore defense, instead of Miracle, some of the non-cleric units could get a skill that gives them a small chance to completely avoid all attacks for one battle (or increases their evasion a lot when low on HP), variations of Drive Guard/Attack that grant a bigger bonus, but only on specific types of damage or weapons, and so on and so forth. The weapon-breaker or stat-sealing skills could also be interesting additions.
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