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A millenia after the war between Aether Dragon Caelum and Nether Dragon Gehenna, the continent of Divinus will once again face its darkest moment. Armed with the burning axe of Vulcan, the fate of world falls into the young Prince of Aston, Lionel.

Dracoseal - Aether Knights and the Legion of Hell (shortened title: Aether Knights) is an FE fangame developed using the SRPG Studio. It is set in the year 1208 on the continent of Divinus. You will take control of Lionel, a young and inexperienced prince from the Kingdom of Aston who was inspired by the tales of Outrealm Heroes to become a part of his kingdom’s own knights.

  • A cross between GBA and Gaiden’s gameplay mechanics

  • Three different modes; Single RN, Double RN and Paragon Mode

  • The ability to save at the start of a turn

  • Simple but challenging level design

  • Tough enemy bosses that requires teamwork to defeat

  • New classes such as Eagle Knight

  • Multiple support conversations

  • Second generation characters(*)

  • References to the main series

(*) Not included in the demo

The game's difficulty on Single RN mode is somewhere between Genealogy and Radiant Dawn, so it will still be challenging to veterans and newcomers alike.

Scripts taken from:

Musics taken from:

Known problems:
  • In chapter 2, you have to actually get as close as possible to the village maiden instead of relying on her Rescue staff range. This will be fixed in the next update.

Latest Blog

Major changes regarding v0.30

Hi guys, in two weeks, version 0.40 will be released! Along with the new chapters and weapons, there are some major changes and postponed features:
  • Rather than 4 chapters, only 3 chapters will be released. This is due to a rather problematic issue that happened during the development of the chapters and their playtesting sessions, causing a huge delay in the development.

  • Skills like Luna, Sol, Glimmer, etc will not be using the usual trigger rates which are based on the user’s stats. Instead, they will use fixed rates for time being. This is also due to the same problem stated above.

  • Most units have received either nerfs or buffs. Changes are mostly kept to minimum, except for Thomas and Simon, who received lots of changes including newly assigned skills and tweaked growth rates.

  • Magic swords, Fury weapons, Short Spear, Wo Dao, Hunting Bow, Cleave Bow and Hanna’s PRF weapon, the Hanna Lance will be featured in the update.

  • Fire tomes and Wind tomes have been buffed; Fire tomes will deal damage akin to axes while the SPD boosts on Wind tomes have been increased.

  • You can now change the formation of the team during battle preparations, although some maps will have restrictions.

  • You can now heal green units.

  • Enemies will now avoid engaging battles when they deal 0 damage and/or when they have 0 hit-rates.