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A millenia after the war between Aether Dragon Caelum and Nether Dragon Gehenna, the continent of Divinus will once again face its darkest moment. Armed with the burning axe of Vulcan, the fate of world falls into the young Prince of Aston, Lionel.

Dracoseal - Aether Knights and the Legion of Hell (shortened title: Aether Knights) is an FE fangame developed using the SRPG Studio. It is set in the year 1208 on the continent of Divinus. You will take control of Lionel, a young and inexperienced prince from the Kingdom of Aston who was thrown unprepared into the chaos that is taking over the world.

  • A cross between GBA and Gaiden’s gameplay mechanics

  • Three different modes; Single RN, Double RN and Paragon Mode

  • The ability to save at the start of a turn

  • Overall challenging level design comparable to Judgral FE games

  • Tough enemy bosses that requires teamwork to defeat

  • New classes such as Eagle Knight

  • Multiple support conversations

  • Second generation characters(*)

  • References to various pop-culture games/arts/shows

(*) Not included in the demo

The game's difficulty on Single RN mode is somewhere between Genealogy, Thracia 776 and Radiant Dawn.

Scripts taken from:

Musics taken from:

Known problems:
  • In Chapter 8, the game may crash if you fast-forward when the boss is casting Sleep on a unit. Try saving on every turn to prevent progress loss.

Latest Blog

Update v0.42 - The Definitive Edition!

After a week of tinkering with the game here and there, I present to you...Dracoseal version 0.42 - The Definitive Edition! Here are the changes made in the current version:

  • Added more Character and Glossary entries, now featuring Gallery entries as well!

  • Added more skill icons!

  • Added several new plugins that will enhance your gaming experience.

  • Added a new title screen!

  • Added more class descriptions.

  • Renamed several skills; Close Def is now Pavise, Distant Def is now Aegis and Pavise is now Great Shield.

  • Added a new, experimental difficulty setting: MADHOUSE MODE!

  • Earlier chapters have been modified, some have additional convos and events!

  • You can now view which unit you can talk to, and do so without accidentally spending your turn!

  • Simon has his own Paladin charchip now to distinguish him from Peter.

  • Chronos has his own Dark Paladin class now which can utilize dark tomes.

  • Magic sword hit rates are nerfed.

  • Some late-turn reinforcements are now more punishing to prevent grinding.

That's all for now! See you again in version 0.50!


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My mind is full of fuck.
Dying too easy just for a training battle.
Dying too easy just for a training battle.
Try using Vulnerary more (don't conserve on items in this game) and rely on terrain advantage for the prologue. If you're talking about the mage, then do not initiate combat unless you're going in for the kill.
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