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Metal Max: Space Princess is a text-based A SELECT YOUR OWN CHOOSE-VENTURE made in Twine as a secret Santa gift for Delsin7 from the secret Santa gift exchange of 2019. With their permission, and some additions and corrections made posthumously, I have decided to post the project here for all to enjoy.

Before I begin let me also mention this game should work on anything that has a browser! Even cell phones or tablets.

Expect to laugh and roll your eyes at the exploits of our lovable rascal hero - YOU - as he carefully navigates the consequences of his actions after leading a massive army up to the gates of the villainous SPACE PRINCESS only to actually take her up on her offer to rule the earth together. Now, to convince your friends and countrymen that this was a total pro move and certainly not you being a traitorous scoundrel deserving of a good lynching.

I should also mention this game takes place in the apocalypse fantasy world of Metal Max - where things like this exist:

So really don't take it very seriously.

There's plenty of fun scenes, and you'll have to play through a few times to see them all. Four endings. Don't expect a difficult challenge here. There's no real way to lose, but the quality of ending depends on your actions! I hope you can find the secret ending!

Stay tuned for the sequel! I hope you enjoy, but if not, I appreciate you giving it a shot anyway.

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I changed a few things around, to remove some ambiguity. And one or two minor spelling mistakes.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Delsin crimmus gam is relevant to my interests, as mentioned. Gonna poke around this tomorrow, downloading it now. :o
Dagnabbit, I found another bug. It's fixed now. I can't believe I left that in!! I got rid of the part where you actually NOTICE you get money. Geez, man. Anyway, I should mention that the sequel will hopefully be able to surprise you a bit.
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