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Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno is a fan game based on the beloved Final Fantasy Franchise, though with an unusual twist.

It is also an adaptation of a long-running Dungeons and Dragons campaign! Created by a team of two developers, a musician and in correspondence with an artist, not to mention the input of the original players, we're dedicated to seeing our dearly held tale come to life in a fun and exciting way!

  • Explore Eno, there are plenty of optional areas to discover...

  • Hidden scenes! Can you unlock the bonus, secret content?

  • A Deep Lore. Eno has a history spreading millennia, all ready to uncover...

  • Your favourite tracks from the Final Fantasy series!

  • Different spell types, use them carefully as you prepare for the limit break!

  • Trophies! Fully compatible with Gamejolt Trophies, so get earning!

Official Trailer:

What is the story?

Eno is a continent that is starting to slip into turmoil. The Mithra islands are plagued with a demonic infection, a rogue technologically advanced organisation conducts horrific experiments, crime families tighten their grip on the less developed areas of the landmass... And throughout it all, a figure of legend long thought defeated pulls the strings of the world's destruction.

But the strings of fate are also in motion, five strangers being brought together by complete chance. Each with their own tales unfolding amid the chaos, the five must develop their friendship to survive more than they could possibly imagine.

It is an organic, natural tale crafted from the real interactions of five different people, their own friendship forged right alongside their characters. Help cultivate these five as they did, expertly translated from the tabletop to your screen.



The game controls as many RPG Maker titles do, a top-down perspective controlled with the arrow keys, battles being turn-based. You level up as the story dictates, but you must keep your gear in check and up to standard if you are to have any hope of defeating your foes! From simple mooks to the most dangerous of bosses, each move will need to be carefully considered if you are to prevail.

And beyond simple enemies, so too may you encounter puzzles in the world. Do you have what it takes to contend with the crafty Cogmog the Moogle?



  • Story by - Skijarama, Tom117z, Lumina Starlight, Darkness, Hades Shadow 92

  • Programming and Design by - Skijarama, Tom117z

  • Bug Testing - Blank Page

  • Original Art by - RifTheBit

  • Trophy API for RPG Maker MV - Florian van Strien

  • Trophy API 1.6.2 Compatibility Fork - JeffreyDavis

The full list of outsourced assets and other credits are listed in the game's end credits.


Release Schedule:

Due to the scale of the game, and the fact that the campaign, one year later, is still ongoing, Eno will be released chapter by chapter. It will start by chapter 1, then chapter 2 and onwards.

If you keep your save files chapter-by-chapter, your progress will not be lost!


The YouTube Series:


TV Tropes Page:


Latest Blog

Chapter 1: Plague of M'Rasu has been released!

The very first release of Chronicles of Eno, Version 0.1.1 has made its debut! We are excited to share our passion project with you, and invite you all to play, have fare and give constructive feedback!
  • Production
  • 1 of 7 episodes complete
  • tom117z
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Action Adventure RPG
  • 03/18/2020 04:48 AM
  • 04/01/2020 07:21 PM
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Huh, who knew that you had to be logged in to comment?
A game about Quarantines, what better way to waste ones wasted time?
I have only made it as far as my 1st drink of Water but am finding this to be a delightful experience and the music is well done and balanced to the scenes.
A spell that can cure hangovers?
Why does this have to be just fantasy?

I just finished with this installment and outside of a couple of glitches think that this one is a real winner,
Eagerly awaiting the next installment.
The story has got me hooked.
Thank you for this.
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