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+++++ News +++++

Oct 31st, 2018
-minor typo fixes and map changes, reduced HP of Dragons, and other minor adjustments

+++++ Prequel +++++

+++++ Summary +++++

Legends Of Illarion is an RM2K3 game based on Illarion, an old fantasy roleplaying MMO game that focuses on true roleplaying rather than hack & slash.

This game was originally made for Illarion players as a primary audience. However, I've been working on and off on this game for about 5 years, tweaking many elements for a much wider audience and creating a main storyline that is easily enjoyable for anyone.

This game is competent and balanced, and although it doesn't stand out in any one particular area, I think it's pretty well rounded in all areas. The mapping is fairly good, it's mostly error free in game and text, and every dungeon has enough puzzles and treasures to keep exploration from being too dull.

It features approximately 25+ hours of gameplay time, an epic scale story, a touch encounter system, tons of puzzles/skip puzzle functions, and a simple crafting system that allows you to create weapons/armour/items based on resources obtained after battle. It's an old school type of game, and I think you'll enjoy this game if you want to play a competent and balanced full game with some original and creative puzzles.

+++++ Credits +++++

Credit for resources used for this game go to the following, including but not limited to:

And various other games, websites, and resources from the web.

Legends Of Illarion and Legends Of Illarion 2 are non-profit / non-commercial games created for personal use only. I do not own any of the resources (including graphics and audio) used in these games or their trailers unless otherwise specified. All rights and resources belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

Latest Blog

Thanks for 10,000 downloads!

Wow! 10,000 downloads! Is this game really that old now? Where has all the time gone..... Also, the last time I checked, this game is now the 75th most downloaded complete game on RMN, which is pretty amazing all things considered! Anyways a big thank you to everyone who downloaded this game during all these years, and thank you to everyone whose support made it possible for me to make this game and the prequel as well!

Sometimes people ask me if I will ever make a sequel to this game, but honestly I never had much ideas for how that would go. It's more likely that I might make some short stories about certain characters that take place in the past, just like the prequel.

Speaking of which, here is a short game I made for Seasons of RMN event! It's called Frozen Slumber, which takes place after LOI2 but before LOI1, so it's kind of a... mid-quel? It's not much, but it'll have to do for now! Enjoy!

And once again, thank you everyone!!!
  • Completed
  • Dyluck
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 05/17/2009 09:01 PM
  • 04/13/2021 11:18 AM
  • 05/18/2009
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Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
I saw a video of this on YouTube. Good to see it here now too.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Just downloaded this. I'll get back to you on what I think!
This is awesomesauce! Looks great. Definitly has that SNES feel to it. I'll download and give it a whirl!
When I downloaded it, my virus detection said that the executable was malware. Is there a fixed version somewhere?
MY ALL TIME FAVE FF 3 .. THOW i do hope that this game to hase sprint shoes to WALK FAST.
all games should have that .
great...but when i reach the troll bane it become kinda lag.......
when i check it up...ou put to many event in the same place...

hmmmm......to many flower right?
Any hints on how to beat the lich? No matter where I move to try to escape him on the roof, he always catches me.
Where is dax at after helping dyluck get the spellbook?
Sorry I haven't answered questions here. I usually don't visit this site very much. In the future if you have any questions you can reach me more easily by following the link in the summary to the official Legends Of Illarion boards.

I'll assume all previous Qs are outdated and just answer the last one:
Dax is back at the Seahorse Inn and if you rest up and talk to him again, he will suggest you look for Damien by talking to one of the Grey Rose knights in the tavern. After that, head to the northwestern forest to look for Damien.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I would recommend playing it, as long as Troll's Bane's size doesn't get on your nerves, or a long speech in the later chapters while your party gets drunk (this is where I quit).

9/24/10 EDIT: I came back, cheated the hell out of it, and finally beat the game.
Woah, this game is very fun ! :)
help i'm stuck in the tyrant guards puzzle.
all i managed to get is to pull two switches, and i can't use options with illa points or skip puzzle or the game will end.
I loved the game and went through many puzzles, but this was too much. Any Ideas what to do?
You don't have to pull all 3 switches, but if you do it will open up a door with a save point and treasure. Once you get past the 3 swtiches, stand next to the 2nd torch and then run down in between the guards when the top one faces right and the bottom one faces left. Then run around the corner as quickly as possible.

Also, if you can get past those 3 guards at the switches(you don't have to pull them), and then stand behind the 1st torch, you can use Puzzle Skipper and it will work properly and you will be able to bypass all the guards.
Great game so far Dyluck! However, I'm stuck at the moment too. I'm in Callaron and trying to get into the Movement's hideout. I've talked to everyone and searched everything (or so I think) to no avail.

BTW, don't go to the forest and get brainwashed by a witch anytime soon. ;)
After you approach the front gates of the palace and its suggested you find another way, you should return to the tavern where there will be another person to talk to.

Sorry but I don't get what the witch reference is about?

Edit: Oh wait, Secret of Mana right? I can barely remember anything from that...
After you approach the front gates of the palace and its suggested you find another way, you should return to the tavern where there will be another person to talk to.

Sorry but I don't get what the witch reference is about?

Edit: Oh wait, Secret of Mana right? I can barely remember anything from that...

Thanks a lot. I already figured it out, but I'm glad you still respond to this page. I ended up playing til sunrise (that's how addicting the game is)! I really enjoy your taste in making a good plot and in RPG music. You've also done an excellent job in character development.

I've also heard rumors of a Legends of Illarion 2 in development. I'll say that if it's anywhere near as good as this one has been so far, you'll definitely have a hit on you hands!

BTW, yeah that was Secret of Mana. I'm an old school gamer and I still remember quite a bit from the Golden Age, so when I saw your username, I couldn't resist.