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+++++ News +++++

Oct 31st, 2018
-minor typo fixes and map changes, reduced HP of Dragons, and other minor adjustments

+++++ Prequel +++++

+++++ Summary +++++

Legends Of Illarion is an RM2K3 game based on Illarion, an old fantasy roleplaying MMO game that focuses on true roleplaying rather than hack & slash.

This game was originally made for Illarion players as a primary audience. However, I've been working on and off on this game for about 5 years, tweaking many elements for a much wider audience and creating a main storyline that is easily enjoyable for anyone.

This game is competent and balanced, and although it doesn't stand out in any one particular area, I think it's pretty well rounded in all areas. The mapping is fairly good, it's mostly error free in game and text, and every dungeon has enough puzzles and treasures to keep exploration from being too dull.

It features approximately 25+ hours of gameplay time, an epic scale story, a touch encounter system, tons of puzzles/skip puzzle functions, and a simple crafting system that allows you to create weapons/armour/items based on resources obtained after battle. It's an old school type of game, and I think you'll enjoy this game if you want to play a competent and balanced full game with some original and creative puzzles.

+++++ Credits +++++

Credit for resources used for this game go to the following, including but not limited to:

And various other games, websites, and resources from the web.

Legends Of Illarion and Legends Of Illarion 2 are non-profit / non-commercial games created for personal use only. I do not own any of the resources (including graphics and audio) used in these games or their trailers unless otherwise specified. All rights and resources belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

Latest Blog

Thanks for 10,000 downloads!

Wow! 10,000 downloads! Is this game really that old now? Where has all the time gone..... Also, the last time I checked, this game is now the 75th most downloaded complete game on RMN, which is pretty amazing all things considered! Anyways a big thank you to everyone who downloaded this game during all these years, and thank you to everyone whose support made it possible for me to make this game and the prequel as well!

Sometimes people ask me if I will ever make a sequel to this game, but honestly I never had much ideas for how that would go. It's more likely that I might make some short stories about certain characters that take place in the past, just like the prequel.

Speaking of which, here is a short game I made for Seasons of RMN event! It's called Frozen Slumber, which takes place after LOI2 but before LOI1, so it's kind of a... mid-quel? It's not much, but it'll have to do for now! Enjoy!

And once again, thank you everyone!!!
  • Completed
  • Dyluck
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 05/17/2009 09:01 PM
  • 11/02/2019 09:54 PM
  • 05/18/2009
  • 268126
  • 85
  • 11307


Just finished chapter 1...

I think the ravine part is far too difficult, even with 2 magic users.
The fire spirit is very hard too, and victory depends on luck... Damien, with the ice book doesn't seem to do much damage... I think he should, since he cannot hurt the spirit with his own spells.

Programming issue : The chest holding an antidote in the ravine (event0044) can be opened again and again. Its "open state" page isn't triggered with the good switch.
(I hope I'm being clear. As a French, I'm not used to explain this kind of things in English...)

Typos :
  • Echnaton, in the 1st cut scene with the fire spirit says "don't sacrafice yourself"
(IIRC, there are many more sacrafices, later, with the lich...)

  • Damien in the 2nd cut scene with the fire spirit says "I could use my magic to seperate them" / then "refused to be seperated" / then "when I tried to seperate"
  • Start of chapter 2, Damiens says "until a dire siuation"
  • Damien, when meeting Cosma and Jhereg, says "as a representitive"
  • In the data base, Antidote is misspelled "Andtidote"
For the ravine part, is it hard because the monsters do too much damage? Or you don't have enough MP?

I can't believe I never saw the antidote thing and the chest thing in all these years. Sometimes I wonder if there's some gremlins hiding in my computer and messing things up or something @@"

Btw, I know there will be many chests misspelled as "Recieved" later on =P
The MP deplets quickly and the monsters are too tough to be defeated without magic.
They don't give grain nor fish, so you can't rely on fights to get recovery items.

Haha. I'm very good at finding issues. ^^

edit : I have the same feeling in Lofty mountains : no monster here gives fish (though one group gives grain) whereas my team mainly relies on magic. I went back to town to be sure to have plenty of fishes.
In LoI 2, ennemies often drop berries or fishes, which come in handy when your skills are mana consuming.
OK, I'll probably add some more MP item chests around, and make the monsters drop some MP items for their normal battle drops.
Oh no ! Not the birds !!!

Well, I got through after a few tries... Getting better at it !
After a few level ups, the mountains are easier, but I needed about 15 fishes to finish the area.

  • Tea time : Jhereg says "to replentish"
  • before KOTR, when you speak with Echnaton,in his 3rd message box, he's named "Echanton"
  • Drawing contest : "omenous clouds"
    in the results, they say "the winner of the conest"
  • Investigation : after checking the smokestack, Sabrina says "somehwere else"
  • Greyrose keep : Badmosche says "we recieved"
  • Wizard armlet crafting : the recipe says "smargad"
edit : actually, the item is spelled smargad everywhere

Greatly improved the secret passage under Mortai's house !
In general, it is intended that you bring some of your own bread and fish to survive.

For some reason, I believe that's how smaragd was spelled in the original Illarion MMO long ago, that this game was based on. By the time I found out the correct spelling, I decided to just leave it as a homage, and also because I didn't think people had heard of this word before haha.
Haha ok ! It's another word for emerald.
But I hadn't seen the misspelling before yesterday ! I guess you can leave it that way !

Typos :
  • Drakhen, after the battle, says "All serve Moshran (...) and obeys"
then "Sacrafices must be made"
  • Drakhen, after the battle against red skeletons, says " only those who sacrafice"
  • Shi Long : "into a river and got seperated"
I swear, I know how to spell sacrifice. I have no idea how that kept happening lol.
Ha ha ! I'm sure you do !

Ok ! I'm in chapter 3, I think, where the party splits. I first chose the magi on their way to Tanora's temple.

  • I really like the new design of the temple ! But I'm not sure the two free healing sources are necessary : you get fishes after almost every second fight in the temple (I've maxed out fishing in the temple btw) and many monsters drop berries too. The monsters here are very easy to defeat (local thunder does wonders). I think one healing stream at mid-course would be far enough.

  • There's a monster stuck in a wall in map0035 (temple3) at 028_022.

  • In Aragon scenario, speaking with Minsc, Dyluck says "Let do this => Let's"

  • After the fight, you get the message "Recieved $Amazon Neckalce."

(By the way, is the Oil Lamp of any use ?)

  • I think the sound effect loop in the jungle is too short : there are too many roars...

  • One anaconda event (ID0030) is triggered with Enter, not "contact with event"

  • This scenario is really short (even if the trial is really challenging !!!) and these characters are left behind experience-wise. In my game, Cosma and company were lvl 21, 20, 20, whereas Aragon ends at lvl 15, and Dyluck & Sabrina at lvl 17. Maybe you could add some forest maps (Oh joy! more forest mapping !!!), or a sidequest in which the team would have to fight some monsters to prove their worth (or rapture some males, or whatever)... I for one added a lvl up benefit when Sabrina wins the race (+1 for party / +2 for her : she deserves it !)

  • There are several mapping issues in the jungle, in 006_038, 013_007, 030_067, 055_037, 045_013, 059_022 and 064_050

  • One part of the stump is blocked (in 013_027 for instance). I don't think it should...
Nope, Oil Lamp does nothing... just another throwback to the old MMO.

Things like the anaconda one really baffles me sometimes, since I'm sure I've fought all monsters in that area tons of times. @@"

I like the idea of the extra level ups for winning the race!

Wow, good eye on all the tree tops! Thanks!
You're welcome !
A few typos :
  • Speaking with queen ZF, Aragon says "Therfore, we need..."
  • ZF says "only those who(...) is allowed" => are
  • after the race, ZF says "we will fight togther"

Starting Xaveria's scenario. She's really weak compared to Badmosche : even if she's only 2 lvl behind him, she has only 2 techs (he has about 9 or 10). I know she gets better later on with Prayer spells and all, but right now she's such a drag !
Yeah, and the Knight skills are all kinda similar too, so I probably should think of something a little different for some of them.
Ok ! I've passed those damn forest spirits !
Something is a bit awkward in Sean's story : Galadria seems to know him (since she can explain him why nobody can stand him and all) but he doesn't seem to belong to the temple and the new scene you added let me think that the people there don't know him either. He keeps complaining about "those town people", but there's no town around. Is it Troll's Bane ? And what's with this temple in the middle of a forest where no one should be able to enter ? All of this is pretty strange...

Typos :
  • Xaveria to Galadria :"he screams for us to end us life" => his, I guess...
  • Lion Shield recipe says "$1 Bluestone" instead of 1 $xBluestone
  • Chain Coif recipe says "1 $1Amethyst" instead of 1 $xAmethyst

Got 1 topaz at last ! Speaking of which, the new crafting system is easier to use (not having to select the crafting level), but I suppose I won't be able to craft several Magic Carpets, Belts of Strength and Bracers of Friendship like I used to... Well... perhaps it's better that way... I'll tell you later...

On my way to the big battle !
Yes, the town he's talking about is Troll's Bane. I know it's vaguely defined, but Troll's Bane is a big central town with lots of people, so it's implied that almost everyone visits there sometimes, including Sean and Galadria, so they "know" some random townspeople there.

I guess in theory, the temple is not that hard to find and enter for regular people, but for Video Game reasons, it's a dungeon =) Maybe next time I'll say that the "illusions" in the forest is only an occasional or seasonal problem.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think some of the gem resources like topaz and diamond only come from bosses, so if you used them to craft multiple copies, you might never find enough gems to finish crafting, so that's why I disabled crafting multiple copies.
You can only drop Topaz and Diamond from bosses indeed, until Cherga's temple, where wyverns and demons drop some. Ruby, Smaragd and so on are droped by various monsters in Chapter 3, so you can stock up on them. I never got stuck in the crafting system, except for my first time : I had sold every piece of outdated equipment and hadn't found the dwarf who sells it again... Whatever...

I was really disapointed to loot only some coal from Ashkatuul's body... A topaz / diamond drop would be a better reward !

The new temple of Moshran is good : the first room was a bit too big, with too many paths. The level design is better now. I haven't appreciated however the new traps before the boss (with the pink lights that take you backwards). A bit redundant after the same puzzle with green lights, maybe ?

I forgot last time to mention the temple of Sirani looks a bit bland : I think it deserves a bigger map, maybe with gardens, flowers, birds, fountains and so on. Brighter lights and colours...

The XP reward in the temple of Moshran is really big : the characters I chose are now lvl 29-30. I guess the others are really left behind...

Typos :
  • Thoer, interrupting on Jhereg & Sabrina : "assasinate"
  • Shi Long, walking to battle : "my old master at the monastery use to always tell me"
    => always used to tell me (I think)
  • Drakhen before the fight : "I care not for your obsucre desires for retribution and the insignificant lives sacraficed for the greater goal."
  • "these pitiful sentiment" +s
  • Damien, after the fight :"I know your ritual requries the rare occurance of certain star constellation alignments. => occurrence
  • Memorial hill, Dyluck to Shi :"to hone our magic skills togther"
  • When Xaveria is leaving, Echnaton's name is spelled "Echanton"
I admit... I got lazy with Sirani's temple =D

Maybe I should just get rid of the green lights puzzle instead? I wanted to add something to do besides walking around a big map fighting monsters. I should probably make that map smaller too.

I want to give exp to the reserve party too, but I wish there was a default setting for that like in RMVX ACE =(
On the other hand, it's pleasant to have different characters at different level...

Well, you can check it at the end of each chapter... Like saving Dyluck's level in a variable, substracting Damien's level. If the difference is greater than 5, then Damien gets + variable-5 level. Or something like that... For each character of course ! Haha !
This way the gap between the main team and the others would never exceed 5 levels... You can adjust this of course ; it would make getting Zhambra's emblem far easier !
Hmmm... level ups at the end of each chapter. That's not a bad idea! I think I just might do that eventually. Thanks!
Saved Sabrina. Passed the guards puzzle very quickly : getting better !

Mapping issue in the desert : the palmtree squares with both the upper part of a tree and the lower part of another one are passable

EDIT : actually, it looks like you didn't use this square. So the "inner" palmtrees don't have a trunk...

Typos :

  • Ruul Tolfud by the cottage :"The only way to cure dehyration"
  • Talisien Birdd in Callaron :"If you're looking for useful accesories, or
    just trying to find a souveneir"
  • Kale Orton in the tavern :"I would be pretty embarassed"
  • I'm really sorry to say that you wrote "$Empty Bottle" instead of $xEmpty Bottle when one tries to brew a potion without the necessary items
  • Dyluck, freeing Sabrina, says "You have face your fate" => you have to face (I think)
Hmm yeah I get what you mean with the palm trees, but visually, there's so much space between the tree lines so I felt like it kinda should be passable.

Btw, do you happen to remember if the empty bottle typo was always there, or a new thing?