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+++++ News +++++

Oct 31st, 2018
-minor typo fixes and map changes, reduced HP of Dragons, and other minor adjustments

+++++ Prequel +++++

+++++ Summary +++++

Legends Of Illarion is an RM2K3 game based on Illarion, an old fantasy roleplaying MMO game that focuses on true roleplaying rather than hack & slash.

This game was originally made for Illarion players as a primary audience. However, I've been working on and off on this game for about 5 years, tweaking many elements for a much wider audience and creating a main storyline that is easily enjoyable for anyone.

This game is competent and balanced, and although it doesn't stand out in any one particular area, I think it's pretty well rounded in all areas. The mapping is fairly good, it's mostly error free in game and text, and every dungeon has enough puzzles and treasures to keep exploration from being too dull.

It features approximately 25+ hours of gameplay time, an epic scale story, a touch encounter system, tons of puzzles/skip puzzle functions, and a simple crafting system that allows you to create weapons/armour/items based on resources obtained after battle. It's an old school type of game, and I think you'll enjoy this game if you want to play a competent and balanced full game with some original and creative puzzles.

+++++ Credits +++++

Credit for resources used for this game go to the following, including but not limited to:

And various other games, websites, and resources from the web.

Legends Of Illarion and Legends Of Illarion 2 are non-profit / non-commercial games created for personal use only. I do not own any of the resources (including graphics and audio) used in these games or their trailers unless otherwise specified. All rights and resources belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

Latest Blog

Thanks for 10,000 downloads!

Wow! 10,000 downloads! Is this game really that old now? Where has all the time gone..... Also, the last time I checked, this game is now the 75th most downloaded complete game on RMN, which is pretty amazing all things considered! Anyways a big thank you to everyone who downloaded this game during all these years, and thank you to everyone whose support made it possible for me to make this game and the prequel as well!

Sometimes people ask me if I will ever make a sequel to this game, but honestly I never had much ideas for how that would go. It's more likely that I might make some short stories about certain characters that take place in the past, just like the prequel.

Speaking of which, here is a short game I made for Seasons of RMN event! It's called Frozen Slumber, which takes place after LOI2 but before LOI1, so it's kind of a... mid-quel? It's not much, but it'll have to do for now! Enjoy!

And once again, thank you everyone!!!
  • Completed
  • Dyluck
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 05/17/2009 09:01 PM
  • 11/02/2019 09:54 PM
  • 05/18/2009
  • 268056
  • 85
  • 11307


I think it's new... I don't remember seeing anything like this. In the lion shield and chain coif recipe, it's definitly new.

In the dwarven mine, I think the monsters don't give enough xp : 1st, I've just left Dyluck who was around lvl 33 to find Cosma & cie around lvl 20. 2nd, the monsters in the shrine of Moshran would give around 1.000 px per combat, and now, it's more like 600... It's a bit frustrating !
What's more, Shi Long is quite useless in the caves (and in the swamp), since ennemies don't really fear wind, ice nor water...

Programming issues :
  • The injured dwarf named Thorfin (the 1st from the left) isn't programmed to have a fixed sprite ; so he turns (awkwardly) toward the hero when he speaks with him.
  • I tried to jump while an ennemy was on the square I would have landed on. Since the hero event couldn't move and all the other events were stopped, I had to reset with F12. Maybe you could prevent the monster from going on this square (with a fixed move pattern, or being motionless...)
  • The chest in the Swamp (before the frogs) in 074_002 is already open. Its "open" page is triggered by the wrong switch : 0875HalflingLager instead of 0876Cabbage1

Typos :
  • Shi to Caranthir : "you sound rather depreseed"
  • then "in fulfiling your responsibilities"
Wait... I just realized there's like 3 dwarves in that room named Thorfin... LOL
How could I let that happen!!??
Haha ! You're right ! I hadn't even noticed !

Mapping issues :
  • In the ranger guild, some cupboards don't have feet (messed with the plants, I think)

  • In Greenbrair, one square can't be reached from up or bottom, but only from left...(039_030)

By the way, is "Greenbrair" a typo for Green Briar ?

  • In the forest before blue sprinter, one square of cliff isn't finished (010_039)

I've had the same feeling in this scenario as I had with Cosma, Shi, Caranthir : monsters aren't that easy, but they don't give much XP. And the new characters seem really weak. Come on ! They don't even have a single skill at lvl 20 !
I know they'll get both skills and magic soon enough. But this part is really frustrating nonetheless.

Typos :

  • Astral, after the fight with Lord Dark sunrise :"would-be villians.
  • Dyluck, before the fight with Sir Cristal Star :"where do you villians come up with these dumb names
  • Mordan, in the cafet :"geogrphical surroundings"
  • Carduel Ellis, in front of lecture room B :"The lecutre halls...
  • Meeting with Dyluck, Korwin says "archer extrodinaire!" => extraordinaire

Programming issue :
Roke's skill Double Knockout has the type "Magic", instead of "Ranger". So he can't use it. I'm not sure it's very useful anyway, but it's weird to have a skill you can't use...
Good eye on those shelf feet. I just realized that it should be Greenbriar, with ia instead of ai... I always thought it was supposed to sound like "bear"... oops...

Roke's throwing items and Korwin's arrows counts as skills too =)
Hmmm ok maybe I'll increase their starting levels a bit too.
Roke's throwing items and Korwin's arrows count as skills too =)

Yes, sure ! But you know what I mean : the other characters have ten or more skills by level 20. :P
Roke and Korwin are noobs. That's why they have to start going to school =)
Ha ha ! You've got a point !

Typos :

  • Dival, entering GR with Roke & Korwin :"Oh greetings, instrcutor Astral."
  • Sirius Fellfuss :"A special welcome to the cadets of the Magic Aacademy"
  • Lennier, the halfling :"I'm calcuating our rations"
I can't believe I never saw that one...
  • Shara Gumblin, NW corner outside of the GR keep : "a variety of villians"
I can't believe I never saw any of these @@"
Hello !
The concert is about to start !
Nothing special in the pyramid, everything was ok. Sun is somewhat weak, like the other knights. What's more she can't lower agility. You might want to do something for her...
Maybe you could add more monsters that are really resilient to all types of magic, even immune. This way, like Dyluck said, the party would have to rely on physical techniques.

Typos :
  • Fjalara, in front of Irmorom's altar :"I hear the altar was brough here from the ruins of an acient temple"

  • Sephiroth, in Varshikar, is named "Willaim" three times and says "villian" twice

  • In the database, the cactus monster is named "Cactaur"

  • I found in the pyramid (map0270) a "Baldurain's bow". If it's a reference to Baldur's gate, it should be "Baldurian's".

  • Roke, confronting Tal Rash :"We're here to destory the Black Crystal"
Programming issue
Pearl Fox can't be given the harpstring, because the page has a strange condition : "The item Divine Lance must be held. I guess it's an error...
I edited on my own copy so that I can get the top grade !

Typos :
  • Kharou McFair: "A Night Of Enchanment!"
  • Necrophius Fungus before running :"Tell your friends to ask for Necophius Fungus"
  • Sabrina, on the beach :"But I am an elf. I wll linger on
  • Adano Eles, before Dyluck boss fight :"to pick up the lastest equipment"
  • When Alara is kidnapped, you wrote : "Sun Long?
    What does it say?" instead of Sun Long:
  • On the map where Cherga is hurt, Damien says :"she came once, about thrity years ago."
  • In the border tower, Hagen von Rabenfeld: "I am the captian of this guard force"
  • Just next to the latter, Bailey Thunnigan: "Perhaps I could become a guard captian"
Programming issuePearl Fox can't be given the harpstring, because the page has a strange condition : "The item Divine Lance must be held. I guess it's an error...
I edited on my own copy so that I can get the top grade !

Oops... harpstring used to be a real item but it got replaced by Divine Lance, and harpstring became just a switch, but I never deleted the "add item/remove item" codes. When I finally deleted it in the latest release, I somehow forgot to uncheck that condition on the page =(
Just started Ronagan's temple.

Programming issue
In Cherga's temple, one of the vampires groups gives Firniss blossoms instead of Strawberries (map 0294)

  • In the Database, the item 048 is known as Revivial Cross
  • Tanora, confronting the triad, :"This horribile artifact... it is cursed"
  • Tanora, in Atlantis :"Yes. Even as we speak, they are laying seige"
btw, shouldn't the spell Flammeria Seige be Flammeria Siege ? (skill507)

  • Lizardman Gil'Dran, by the entrance :"The Triad Of Terror are => is ? laying seige"
  • In the database, skills 719 & 720 are known as Pefect Health & Pefect Harmony
  • Lurandir, in Portavius inn :"I'm just staying here breifly"
  • Adron, when we explain the situation :"Hmm..... you are speaking of Dragorog, Bjlomur, and Zherass?"
I had no idea I was so bad at spelling things with ie / ei and ai / ia. Are you sure English isn't your first language? lol
Positive ! ^^
But being French does help to spell some sounds. Like siege, because it's si├Ęge in French (somewhat like sea edge).
Besides I have to carefully read the sentences to understand them.

Typos :
  • Astral to Ronagan :"Now the Three Immortal Servants are
    trying to take Nadrook's Amour"
  • Ronagan, alone :"I can't be a coincidence"

BTW, I think you could add a visual scene to improve these new moments where the gods ponder the events. A black screen is a bit... cheap ? Just seeing the god walking in circle should look better !

  • Badmosche, chess map :"Shall I elborate briefly?"
  • Badmosche :"This piece is called a Rook, which represents a sort of chariot or seige tower.
  • Badmosche :"This piece which looks a horse" => looks like
  • Malachin :"I suppose Dragorog, Bjolmor, and Zherass also knows of Moshran's fate now?"
  • Ishan von Irnaron, NW corner, in Tower 1st floor :"To remedy this situation we wll soon need to initiate"
  • database : monster 505 is Seige Model
  • Badmosche on top of the tower :"Amazing! It's no wonder the Grey Light has been so effective at gathering infromation"
  • Caranthir, aboard the ship :"I know there's an acient altar for Irmorom"
  • Tanora to Elara :"I can't believe this! How can you be so wreckless?" => reckless, isn't it ?
  • Elara to Tanora :"Hmm... sending mortals to retreive the Armour of Nadrook? Are you sure this is wise?"
  • The latter message is displayed twice.
  • Database : item 815 is $XForsakened Hood
  • Malachin, Moshran defeated :"Look at how many lives have been lost and how our once beatiful world has been torn apart."
  • Ronagan, same scene :"I think it's unecessary to tell them."
  • Tanora,convincing the party to fight :"And if Elara and the Traid have drained their strength..."

The "normal" battles are a bit too easy now.
  • Monsters now give too much XP : my party is lvl 70 and more (without any grinding).
  • Monsters seldom attack, if ever : Celestial light + Power Of Knowledge + Galaxy Uncreation = autowin. And I never go out of MP, having bought, crafted, looted so many applepies, fishes and mana potions.
  • even if they manage to perform an attack, it's too weak. I saw a monster in the weapon graveyard dealing something like 75dom. The fire spirit at the beginning of the game is much more dangerous !

In boss fights, just add Aragon casting Complete Diminish, and it is done... I think Valzhurion only attacked 3 times, since it was far too slow for my party !
The ATB makes it too easy if you happen to have Aragon, Badmosche or Caranthir.

The difficulty curve is too decreasing :
  • the beginning is very difficult (well Mummy ruins are ok now, but the forest is very hard, as are the lofty mountains until you learn your first group spells.
  • it gets hard again when you loose your mages (Xaveria's scenario)
  • Piece of cake when you can have Dyluck, Damien, Galadria in the temple of Moshran
  • Hard again in the dwarven mines, because Cosma and Shi's magics are limited
  • Hard with the rookies, until they learn magic too
  • the rest of the game only gets easier

I know adjusting the difficulty is the trickiest part in making a game... I just want to share my experience.

edit : please, remember I do love your games !
Hmmm yeah I did lower the speed and the attack of a lot of monsters, and took away some strong skills, so maybe I went a little overboard with that. Is only your main party at lv 70? Or do you mean everyone else too?

It's kind of easier because I intended for the player to use all the characters a little bit, instead of only using the same party all the time. But yeah, I think I will use your idea about giving extra level ups to the lower level characters at the end of each chapter, so that they are all around the same, even if the player doesn't use some of them. That will make it easier for me to balance the difficulty later on.

Hey, thanks for giving me so much detailed feedback as you play through it. I really do appreciate it, and it feels like I get to watch over your shoulder while you play, so I'm more than happy to hear your thoughts and everything =)
You're welcome ! I don't want to sound too critical.

My main team was lvl 75, before sailing to Nabranoo. I started to dodge monsters too, instead of killing once each group. I prefer to have a main team growing stronger then use one of them to up the others in a place where the monsters give much xp (like the gods' shrines, or the elven forest...)

I think you should force the player to use different team members, like you do in the first chapters :
  • you can split the team, so that only half the characters are available,
    or have someone go on an urgent errand, so that he cannot be picked
  • you can force someone in the team for a determined place : such as Aragon, Badmosche and Xaveria for Malachin's shrine. The idea of having specific team members track down vilains was very pleasant.

Typos :
  • Sirani, in Tanora's shrine :"As for Nargun(...) his temperment is unpredictable and chaotic."
  • Tanora :"If she succeeds, the Elder Gods may never be able to return to Illarion and her plans to rule Illaron may become unstoppable.
  • Francesca, back in TB :"I have a wide vareity of exotic accesories." How many times did I read this before realizing something was amiss ?...
  • Astral, during Lord Dark Sunrise subquest :"He is not here today. A pathetic villian like you..."
  • Nargun :"If I had not made the swtich, you might not have won against the Tyrant"
  • Nargun, in the theater :"It took you an eternity to respond wth that little quip."

Mapping issue :
  • In the bottom map in Nargun's shrine (map 514), the stairs go down instead of going up (20-30 & 3-6). Maybe it was intended this way, since he's the god of Chaos, but it was really puzzling !
  • In Nargun's theater, the upper border squares aren't blocked in the border direction.

  • In the gods' realm, you forgot one square of wall in map WATER 635, pos 11-44

Game difficulty :
  • You must be aware of "Damien's trick"... He can cast Lev Pen on himself, actually healing his MP if he has enough intel... Infinite MP ^^
  • I've just defeated the Mystical Demon and Archaic Demon, guarding the staircase to heavens ! Here's my battle log :
    *the 1st boss was only able to attack me 3 times after Aragon cast Complete Diminish
    *his Double attack inflicted 2x 200 damage - my characters have 5.800 HP
    *the 2nd boss hit me only twice
    *his shatter attack did around 800 damage

  • Library, first row, last shelf : "These dragons charge forward with reckless abandon, using their attacks which both damage you and reudces your resistance agianst each of their respective elements."
  • Same event : "It would seem that they are strong aginst"
  • Love dragon shelf :"If only there were some way to stop their ability to regenerate at regular intevals... perhaps even cause them to recieve damage themselves periodically instead..."
  • Life dragon shelf : "How can one possbily win against "
  • Chaos dragon shelf : "The Chaos Dragon is rumored to be the original source of many deadly dieseases"
  • Same event :"This dragon's attacks (...) can inflict a variety of negative statues to its enemies." => either status ou statuses
  • Bone dragon shelf : "The dragon's minions seem to have similar absorbtion"
  • Message after defeating the 16 dragons :"A distant portal in the floating libarary has now been unsealed..."
  • Before final fight, Elara :"The Elder Gods are not the pure hearted benelovent"
  • Luciano :"Sound alseep as usual."
  • Final ship, Badmosche :"We still have a lot of responsiblities"

  • Now ! The fights against DL and the 16 dragons are really tough and enjoyable !
    In comparison, even the final fight in hard mode is a piece of cake...
  • Unlike told in the library, the life dragon didn't cast any resurrection spells...
  • I have to confess I never found the Cherrycake recipe, nor Morshan's emblem, even if I played the game time and again... Perhaps you could give some hints to help... Like having Dax mention the innkeeper wanted to see us...
    As for the emblem, I think I talked with this character like dozens of times, with always the same lines...

  • Let's speak about the ending ! It definitly suggests events AFTER LoI 1.
    So now, I hope you're working on a third opus !

Thanks again for your creation ! It has been a most pleasant moment again !
I think you should force the player to use different team members, like you do in the first chapters :
you can split the team, so that only half the characters are available,
or have someone go on an urgent errand, so that he cannot be picked
you can force someone in the team for a determined place : such as Aragon, Badmosche and Xaveria for Malachin's shrine. The idea of having specific team members track down vilains was very pleasant.

I kind of thought of that before, but I was worried it might be hard to do, because there's a lot I don't remember about how I scripted the "choose party screen", and my logic was very ugly when I made that as a noob, so I was worried that I might create some new bugs if I mess around with it =P I did think of a simple workaround now though, so I'll try again to implement this idea later.

And yeah, it sounds like I should really adjust Complete Diminish. It sounds a little too powerful haha. Was it about the same in the previous versions too?
Not as much, IIRC... Maybe because you reduced monsters agility. Against the dragons, I had to use Wind potions and 3 times Complete diminish to have them really slower than me (but it's not easy since there are 2 drakes, too...). But in the final battle, just drinking Wind potions made me so fast the ennemies could barely take an action...

Oh ! I forgot to mention something I've just discovered : the various "+%HP" spells stack, so you can cast total regen, rejuven and... the 3rd one to have +6%(I guess) HP regen. With this, and being so fast, I didn't have to heal in most fights.
Thanks again for your creation ! It has been a most pleasant moment again !

Thank YOU so much for playing my game again and again, and giving me so much support, feedback, bug reports, and suggestions! It was really a joy to continuously see all your thoughts while you played through all the different parts of the entire game! It really makes me happy and makes all the hard work feel worthwhile whenever I get to hear from someone who has enjoyed both games and still has the story from both games fresh in their memory =)

Let's speak about the ending ! It definitly suggests events AFTER LoI 1.
So now, I hope you're working on a third opus !

Unfortunately, I have no plans to make a 3rd game right now =(
But back when I finished the first game, I said the same thing about not making a 2nd game, and then 5+ years later, LOI2 happened! So maybe someday... who knows...

By the way... did you ever see what came after The End screen?
You mean the teaser for LoI2 ? I sure did ! I always let play the ending of a game until it gets back to the title screen.


What am I to do, now ?