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+++++ News +++++

Oct 31st, 2018
-minor typo fixes and map changes, reduced HP of Dragons, and other minor adjustments

+++++ Prequel +++++

+++++ Summary +++++

Legends Of Illarion is an RM2K3 game based on Illarion, an old fantasy roleplaying MMO game that focuses on true roleplaying rather than hack & slash.

This game was originally made for Illarion players as a primary audience. However, I've been working on and off on this game for about 5 years, tweaking many elements for a much wider audience and creating a main storyline that is easily enjoyable for anyone.

This game is competent and balanced, and although it doesn't stand out in any one particular area, I think it's pretty well rounded in all areas. The mapping is fairly good, it's mostly error free in game and text, and every dungeon has enough puzzles and treasures to keep exploration from being too dull.

It features approximately 25+ hours of gameplay time, an epic scale story, a touch encounter system, tons of puzzles/skip puzzle functions, and a simple crafting system that allows you to create weapons/armour/items based on resources obtained after battle. It's an old school type of game, and I think you'll enjoy this game if you want to play a competent and balanced full game with some original and creative puzzles.

+++++ Credits +++++

Credit for resources used for this game go to the following, including but not limited to:

And various other games, websites, and resources from the web.

Legends Of Illarion and Legends Of Illarion 2 are non-profit / non-commercial games created for personal use only. I do not own any of the resources (including graphics and audio) used in these games or their trailers unless otherwise specified. All rights and resources belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

Latest Blog

Thanks for 10,000 downloads!

Wow! 10,000 downloads! Is this game really that old now? Where has all the time gone..... Also, the last time I checked, this game is now the 75th most downloaded complete game on RMN, which is pretty amazing all things considered! Anyways a big thank you to everyone who downloaded this game during all these years, and thank you to everyone whose support made it possible for me to make this game and the prequel as well!

Sometimes people ask me if I will ever make a sequel to this game, but honestly I never had much ideas for how that would go. It's more likely that I might make some short stories about certain characters that take place in the past, just like the prequel.

Speaking of which, here is a short game I made for Seasons of RMN event! It's called Frozen Slumber, which takes place after LOI2 but before LOI1, so it's kind of a... mid-quel? It's not much, but it'll have to do for now! Enjoy!

And once again, thank you everyone!!!
  • Completed
  • Dyluck
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 05/17/2009 09:01 PM
  • 11/02/2019 09:54 PM
  • 05/18/2009
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Hi Dyluck, I am totally stuck in elves forest, I got the stormbringer sword, but I only find one little owl looking to the west (hooot) , I remember when I played the game firs time some years ago, there were more than one, in this version I keep walking like crazy and can not find others.
Helpppppp please I want to continue playing (any directions where to go?).
Thanks in advance
Hi, you are talking about LOI2, not this game, right?

You start by following the exit with the owl where Sirani talks, and then you just keep following exits that have owls next to them. I don't have the exact directions with me right now, but I can check again later. Also, you can use the Skip Puzzle item to get through the forest if you are still stuck.

EDIT: Here is the solution

-Start at the screen where Sirani says there's an owl nearby and go east(right) exit

-then at the S shaped path, go south exit

-then at the lake with the sword, go west(left) exit

-then at the circular path around the green cliffs, go south exit

-then follow the path, and go east exit

-then turn back the way you just came from, and go west exit

Can you please tell me why most of my spells are grayed out. Example for Moshran I can use the spells for his Greatsword spell but all the spells for Axe are grayed out. This happens for all the characters. Thanks.
Ohh I guess you're talking about LOI2 as well...

You need to equip an Axe to use Axe skills, or equip Greatsword to use Greatsword skills. You can use RESET SP in the skill menu, if you need to choose your skills again. It's the same thing for all Melee characters.
If you are having font problems in RM2k3 games try installing these fonts

How do you define X-magic spells? I am used to X-magic spells meaning it attacks all enemies. The spell I have currently in there attacks only one enemy.

The "king of the roof" tournament I think should be looked at. I can't push people at all. I only was able to do it one time.
Hey matski, thanks for playing this again!

X-Magic is mostly just Dark Elemental Spells and some other late game spells. It mainly exists only so I could put some spells in a seperate Command, since his main spell list was so long already.

You can only push people from their side or back only, so basically you have get your opponent to walk perpendicular to you, and then start pushing just as they step between you and an edge, and then keep pushing while their back is turned.

Kind of like this:
Came back to play this gem recently! I still greatly enjoy it, and appreciate seeing that it has recently been updated! I had a question though- what is the music that plays in Chapter 4 during the army battle? It's a really great song!
Oh WOW! I can't believe you're playing through it again! Also, I'm almost 10 years late, but thank you for your review back then!

The main song is Dawn of Victory by Rhapsody, and the other ones are When Demons Awake and Holy Thunderforce. I've often thought about removing them, because they're so cheesy, but then it's still so very nostalgic and iconic for that scene :P
The puzzles on the game is quite difficult especially chapter 10. Thankfully I can skip some of them.
I'm also having a hard time staying interested. This is probably because I generally am not a fan of playing games in which you can play many party members. It's just me but the storyline is interesting. I sure hope I don't miss any bonus story line content as I slowly progress!
Yeah, Chapter 10 starts to get quite puzzle heavy, but luckily all puzzles are skippable now. And yeah it's understandable how you feel about the large party. I also have to admit that at this point there's not as much character development in the story, as compared to the 2nd game. If I could remake this game, I would probably cut down the cast and focus on fewer characters. I'm glad to hear that you've made it this far though!

I don't think you'll miss anything story-wise, but there will be some extra items to find around the world, once you reach the final chapter.
Oh WOW! I can't believe you're playing through it again! Also, I'm almost 10 years late, but thank you for your review back then!

That moment you forget you reviewed something XD

Yes, this game stuck in my mind enough that I came back to play it again :-)

I went back and reviewed my review, and it's still accurate. I would say thank YOU, for putting a great deal of effort into making a balanced and interesting game. This is based on a forum game, right? It would have been all too easy to just slap something simple together, but you took the opportunity to make an RPG accessible to everyone.

I'm pleased to see there's a prequel, and I'll be playing it after I'm done with this playthrough of Illarion 1. I also saw in some note that you can buy the potion recipes now? This is excellent, as I'm in Chapter 7 and haven't gotten a single one of them XD

And thanks for giving me those song titles, I'll be listening to them often now! I would agree they're iconic, but they do get a little repetitive after a few cycles XD
I have a couple of suggestions to make (I am on chapter 12):
1. Can you add somewhere what your tool level is? I don't know what level all of them are at.

2. In the party change area, when you go up to any, have them display their name. I am not good at remembering names.
@SilverSoul: Yes, you will be able to buy all the recipes near the end of the game, so that you can complete the crafting requirements for some of the gods' Emblems. I think you've only missed 1 so far, which is the Yellow Potion Recipe, which you get for pulling the 3 switches while dodging guards at the Tyrant's Palace.

@matski: 1) You can check your harvesting levels by using each tool from the menu, such as the Shovel and Saw, etc, but maybe next time I'll display them all in one tool. 2) Good idea, I'll keep that in mind, thanks!
I've completed the game. I thought the dragons' agility could be a little overpowered but I decided to skip it. Also, how do you activate the star in the final area? Is there other endings I can get? The current ending I got seemed that there could be a sequel coming to this game!
Hey, thanks for playing and completing the game!

For the dragons, everyone needs to use Wind Potions to double agility at the very least, but yeah even then they can be quite challenging.

The Star? Do you mean the black/red versions of save points? Those are shortcut teleporters back to the beach, that can be used if you have a Key Card item, which you get if you talk to a certain god in the first room where he sits on his throne behind his altar.

There is only 1 ending, but there is a trailer for the prequel if you waited until the very end =P Unfortunately I have not made a sequel yet, although I do have some ideas in my head.