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An interesting game

I downloaded this game a while ago not knowing anything about Illarion, but looking for a decent RPG. I would say that I got what I was looking for.

First, story. I liked the wide range of characters and how each of them is developed in their own time. It was a great idea for them to have individual quests so the audience could become acquainted with them. In terms of over-arcing plot, I was amused that it started with a twist on a cliche RPG plot (main character has "amnesia"). Watching him deal with that and get caught up in events was pretty fun. The larger battles were very well scripted, and the transition into the second half of the game was smooth.

My comment for plot: It would have been nice to have some kind of reference for non-Illarion players. I continuously got confused by names of gods and villains. Also, some sort of quest log or reminder would have been helpful. I would load my game and have no clue where I was supposed to have been going for the next quest, as I couldn't remember the name of something. Thank goodness there were roadblocks at all the other locations or I might have been lost for a while.

As to gameplay. I felt like the gameplay was fairly balanced. I liked the idea of having to use all your characters. The pure number of characters was somewhat overwhelming at first, but it game ample opportunity for creating interesting parties. I think the first large battle could have used a warning that people were going to get sorted out of order. Also, there were maybe two healers in that fight. Thank goodness I had a few Red Potions, but it would be a good idea to have a merchant in that scene and a warning to stock up on items.

Also, thank goodness for the "Skip Puzzle" option. I can't tell you how many times I used it, such as the rooftop fight. As there were no benefits received from doing the puzzles, I felt no stress whatsoever in skipping puzzles and getting back to the battles. There were some times I wanted to use this item and couldn't, such as the Aragon flying things maze.

I also loved the harvesting system. There were plenty of times I found myself going back and harvesting items from random encounters so I could create the next armor. Sadly, I often found that by the time I had the ingredients I needed, the item I wanted to create was obsolete compared to other equipment that could be found. It would have been nice to see the smithing items have more special properties in the middle of the game.

Lastly, I need to speak up for Caranthir. Poor Caranthir. He can't keep up with the damage curve between Level 15 and Level 40 when he finally learns a more powerful offensive ability. Yes he can damage enemy stats, but after that he's done. Give the man something there in the middle! I felt so bad for him. Everyone else's abilities were pretty well balanced in terms of level learned.

All in all, I had a lot of fun with this game. I stopped right at the end trying to fight the dragons, but I found the size of that sidequest very satisfying. The sheer number of characters, and having to switch between them, keeps gameplay from becoming monotonous, and the harvesting system gives you something to look forward to. There are also plenty of amusing scenes and supporting characters. I give this game a very high rating for people who like traditional RPGs.


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>_< hey hey,
you had the fun with your avatar created at the game, huh?
Same as me, wanna be a hero, just at game only we can show that...

Good story. Maybe we'll recommended a lil to make some novels. :p
Actually imma using this software for making my novel visualized.
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