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This is a long overdue mini-walkthrough for this game. I made this now in anticipation of people playing this game again after finishing Legends Of Illarion 2 Sins Of The Gods. The following are guides and solutions for some areas that people tend to find difficult. I wrote this mostly from memory and old messages, so I may add more later on.

Chapter 2

Talk to Zasmia the barmaid in the tavern whenever you forget where you need to go next. She will remind you.

Art Contest (Sidequest)
-There are 4 possible drawings you could make to win the contest. One of them is a drawing made by using these choices: 1,2,4,1,1,3,2,2,1

Find Drakhen During The Night
1. east of Eliza's shop
2. inside Silverstar Merchant's shop
3. next to the Tavern
4. inside the library 2F
5. next to the northern bridge town exit
6. inside Eliza's shop, in the garden
7. roof of Eliza's shop

Drakhen Action Battle Mini-Game
You can also use Skip Puzzle on the 2F library to skip this mini-game.

Chapter 3

Xaveria's Scenario: Forest Of Illusions
-Go into the forest, come back out, then keep talking to the elf outside and do what he says

Caranthir's Scenario: Troll's Bane
-Talk to Udan outside the inn, then talk to the dwarves at all the entrances, then keep looking for strange guy around the marketplace area and shop while fighting any monsters that pop up.

Chapter 4

Big Battle at Ogre's Pass
-Buy lots of healing items that you can use in battle. Also buy the boomerang for Dax if you don't have it already.

-Recommended battle formation from left to right:
Galadria, Aragon, Damien, Badmosche, Shi Long, Dyluck, Xaveria, Caranthir, Cosmaterra, Dax, Zahra

Damien, Dyluck, and Cosmaterra should use their fire AOE spell against skeletons.
Dyluck and Shi Long should use water spells against demons.

Drakhen's Lair
-The bloody looking pool at the entrance restores your hp and mp

Chapter 5

What To Do In Callaron?
-After you approach the front gates of the palace and its suggested you find another way, you should return to the tavern where there will be another person to talk to.

Tyrant's Palace Guards Puzzle
-You don't have to pull all 3 switches, but if you do it will open up a door with a save point and treasure. Once you get past the 3 swtiches, stand next to the 2nd torch and then run down in between the guards when the top one faces right and the bottom one faces left. Then run around the corner as quickly as possible.

Chapter 6

Dwarven Mines: The door blocked by spikes can be opened by a button on a wall that is reached by jumping on platforms north of the bridge.

Chapter 7

Temple of Zhambra: There is a room with 4 pillars you can push. You need to push them north towards the door and the switch, so that you can walk onto the pillars from the carpet areas above. Then you will be able to press the swtich and enter the door. If you push the pillars into a dead end, you will need to walk into the room with the sign to "reset" the pillars. Also the chest giving you infinite Tiger Tamers is just a minor bug.

Chapter 8

Black Crystal Mission
-There are different prizes that you can get depending on your performance on the Black Crystal mission.
0 mistakes = Excellent = Full Merit
1 mistakes = Very Good = Half Merit
2 mistakes = Good = Star Pendant
3 mistakes = Satisfactory = No prize

The mistakes are:
1) Guy outside in Varshikar asks you to recommend a weapon and you answer something about the Magic Academy
2) Guy inside inn in Varshikar says he has intel for the Grey Rose and you answer that you have a knight with you
3) Tal Rash escapes the pyramid if you chase him by stairs instead of jumping down from 1 floor above

Chapter 9

Battle at Grey Rose Castle:
Winning this battle is optional for a small reward. You can lose and just continue the game.

Cherga's Temple:

Room With Water
-Some of the water form arrow shapes. Search the spot where the arrows meet to find a button in the ground.

Spot The Differences (Photo Hunt)
-There is minimum of 1 difference and a maximum of 10 differences in the room.
The 1 constant difference is the first sign on the wall that tells you about the room.
The other 9 possible differences are:
1) 2 tall regular pillars being there
2) 2 tall demon pillars being there
3) Exact location of the coffin
4) The bones on the ground being there
5) The goddess statue facing left or right
6) The light on the orbed pillars on or off
7) Crosses on the wall being there
8 ) Corpse on the wall hung higher or lower
9) The inscription written on the gravestone

Underworld Secrets:
-At the screen with multiple levels of bridges and souls floating upwards, head left when you reach the bottom to find an optional demon boss you can fight.

-During the fight with Dragorog, winning is optional, so the game will progress whether you win or lose. With the right strategy, it is possible to win, and you will get an item if you succeed.

Chapter 10

Elven Community Eldamar:
-The name of the bard was Hyssena

Adron's Temple
-Disappearing Floor Puzzle:

-25 Steps Puzzle:

-Elemental Sounds:
left to right: 5 8 3 1 7 6 2 4

-Press Buttons In Order:
left to right: 3 8 5 6 2 7 1 4

-Blue Sphere In a Cube:
If you hadn't noticed, the blue sphere moves in the direction away from you.
I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful on this one.

Ronagan's Temple

-Getting Inside: Push the barrel in front of the open window to jump inside. Check every treasure chest twice. Sometimes the other thief leaves hints for you.

-4 Switches and 4 Timed Doors:
Press in this order: top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right
Then run as fast as you can through the doors.

-Security Lights and 4 Control Crystals:
top left off
top right off
bottom left off
bottom right off
top left on
top right on
bottom left on

-Homing Security Lights:
Only walk in the shadows (dark tiles). Do not walk on any of the bright tiles. The exit is at the southern wall at the 3rd "window".

Chapter 11

Tower Of Enlightenment

-9 Switches: Flip the 4 corner switches and then flip the center switch.

-Bookshelves: There are 4 groups of bookshelves and in each group there is 1 book that does not belong. Each of the 4 books has a number which is used to open the door. The answer is 5446.

-10 Questions Quiz Answers:
Shi Long

-Sudoku Puzzle

Chapter 12

Prankster's Dungeon:
-In every room, you have 3 choices: Either go left, right, or go back where you came from. So just remember to try them all if you get stuck.

Final Area:
-The dragons are all optional. Read the books in the sky library for clues on beating them.