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Five people found themselves in a secluded, abandoned factory. Abducted for unknown reasons, the victims are faced with deadly traps as trust degrades by the minutes. “Mass abduction; victims confined within a secluded factory,” the culprit’s true identity lies hidden under a hazmat suit. What is the motive behind this atrocity? Can all the victims escape in one piece?

General Information
Developer: Tukata Mayakon
Publisher: Whateverzone
Engine: RPG Maker MV
Genre: RPG/Exploration (ADV)/Puzzle
Price: $5.99
File Size: Approx. 700 MB
Languages: Thai, English
English Translators: Goddiga, Querida and Jit (from Whateverzone)
Testers: Tukata Mayakon & Whateverzone
Publisher's Other Websites: Itch.io , Tumblr , Twitter

- Over 50 CGs.
- 5 Endings in total.
- About 1 hour of playtime per chapter.
- 19 unlockable Steam Achievements. (Only if you buy Steam Version.)
- Voice clips.

- This game contains a scene with consecutive blinking images and/or lights.
- There are contents of blood, depression, suicide and death-related scenes.
- There is a chance that the game will not be installed properly, leaving only an empty folder. One of our translators who encountered this issue concluded that it was caused by the anti-virus (Avast) blocking the EXE file. Said translator solved this issue by setting the folder as an exception in Avast. The other solution would be to turn off such anti-virus program before installing.

Gameplay Notes
- Hold Z to speed up the game (Caution: this can cause you to skip the saving screen.)
- You can only save your game once per chapter at some of the chairs, and at the end of each chapter.
- Press F4 to minimize/maximize the screen.
- Change the language at Options > Language

Partial Controller Support Notes
- Left Stick for Arrow Keys.
- Y Button for Z in-game button.
- X Button for X in-game button.
- When playing with a controller, the mouse cursor will still be on the screen. It is recommended to move it out of the screen to avoid distraction.

*Some players had reported problems using the controller, ex. no button can open an item menu window, some weird dialogues bugs showed up, etc. So, we would not recommend using it at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

Buy it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1248100/Protective_Clothing/

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