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"...will you... fight for me once again?..."

Transcendence Legacy Interlude is a short JRPG taking place after the events of Transcendence Legacy.

Xyrania finds himself waking up in the Moonlit Terrace, a plane far beyond the firmament. Soon, he was greeted by Zaphiel, the overlord of light, followed by Razael, the overlord of earth, and Adellum, the overlord of darkness. Having lost their memories, the party of four must fulfill the task of slaying a divine entity. Yet all of this is only the beginning of a much greater event.


This game features a classic turn-based battle mechanics with a front-view perspective, linear character progression, recurring characters from Transcendence Legacy, 4 dungeons/areas, and has an estimated playtime of 1-2 hours.

It is recommended to play Transcendence Legacy first to better understand the story.

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